Surprise Attack of Spontaneous Dry Orgasms

I didn't get much sleep last night. At 4am, I awoke and had that “I am not going to go back to sleep feeling”. I was lying there, feeling warm under the duvet, and with my hand cupping my balls, when it suddenly occurred to me that THEY felt good – all hairy and firm. I touched my penis too, and could feel the hairs on the lower part of the underside of the shaft. Seconds earlier I had not felt horny, but my steadily expanding penis told otherwise. After a few seconds more, I began to wank slowly, enjoying the feeling of my foreskin slipping back and forth across the glans. I was VERY horny. I stopped wanking, and just savoured the feeling of horniness, and to my utter surprise I started to dry orgasm. I could feel that there was an interaction taking place between my prostate and my PC muscles, building a tension that would suddenly snap into another orgasm. I touched my nipples, fingertips lightly flicking them, and there was another orgasm, then another and so on. With each orgasm, my legs jerked themselves off the bed at the same time as my head neck and upper back. It is like creasing into each dry orgasm. My breathing was fast, and I made LOTS of noise – this was wonderful! Each dry orgasm began to initiate the next, and this continued for another 15 minutes or so. All the time my cock was ultra-hard, but I didn't touch it.

One thing I have noticed is that these orgasms occur with a single hard contraction of the muscles that normally cause ejaculation, and this forces a small amount of precum out each time. Obviously with tens of dry-orgasms occurring one after another, the amount of precum makes for a seriously wet cock.

There came a point where my erection began to subside a little, and so I began to wank once again, but with more purpose now. Precum lubricated the foreskin, and my mind reflected on the sexy men I had seen whilst out walking the dog the previous day, or whilst swimming at the local pool. I was almost at the point of no return, stopped, continued breathing deeply, and the dry orgasms returned with a vengeance. Again, and again, I creased up in splendid ecstasy. My cock would begin to get soft as I revelled in these experiences, and once the dry orgasms had subsided, I would wank again to nearly reach the point of no return, before subsiding into yet another cascade of dry orgasms and so on.

By this time I was an hour into this constant repetition of dry orgasms, and my balls felt very hard, and very powerful. I was writhing around on the bed, all of my body now an erogenous zone. An inadvertent contact with the duvet would bring on more intense sensations. I wanked to almost the point of no return again. I stopped and relaxed at the end, and felt that I could have easily cum by going a fraction of a second longer. There was a slight sensation that my body had started to ejaculate, there was a tickling of the glans, and a sense of the liquid cum coursing through the ducts. Then to my utter surprise, a huge string of precum shot out of my penis across my body to my left armpit, and through the gap to the bed sheet. There was no orgasm, but it was HOT.

Is this precum? It seems slightly more liquid than precum, but incredibly slippery. It also tastes similar to precum.

I have had these before – the pressure in the tubules and ducts is suddenly released, and the threat of blue ball syndrome is overcome. There is a sense of relief, but no refractory period. I wanked some more )because I knew I could( and had more dry orgasms, their intensity renewed by the release in pressure. I was beginning to feel tired however, and so after a few more test wanks and associated dry orgasms, I let myself subside back into sleep.

I was having dry orgasms frequently throughout one and a half hours. Their spontaneousness was the surprise. I hadn't suspected I was horny, though I clearly was. A period of wanking, but not ejaculating the previous afternoon, had been fun, and I suspect that it had set the scene, along with the fantasies generated by the sexy guys I had seen during the day. A small amount of alcohol with my meal had relaxed me. None of this would have occurred at all without having first been sensitised by the aneros, and then using Taoist practices to come to experience dry orgasms from a different direction.

I am all horny for the eupho now. I'll perhaps give it a whirl later today.


  1. Hi Linum I had the same liquid squirt out and run down my sides while masturbating to the same point. It only shot 20cm up in the air but it felt great. I did it a second time the next day Both these times I had my Progasm Ice in on its maiden voyage.
    The second time i started wanking soon after and cumed hard. It is definitely not semen and must be some sort of precum. It definitely was not pee.

    Your story reminded me of a super T a few weeks back where I blew my load on the wall behind the bed. About a meter. Not bad for a bloke of 40 I thought!

  2. Thanks for your comment braveneworld. I cannot under-emphasise how good these non-orgasmic ejaculations can be. I suspect that it is partly because you don't lose your horniness, and so you get even more turned on by them. Glad I am not the only one who does this.

    I am impressed by you "metre behind the bed" cumshot – what a stud!

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