I treated myself to the beginner Peredise set… amazing!

I ordered myself a Peridise set about a month ago. I've only had chance to properly use it twice due to work commitments but both times I've used the set it has felt AMAZING.

I read that some people weren't stimulated by the Peridise at first, and that it took a little bit of getting used to so I wasn't expecting anything the first time I tried it out.

I pre-lubed and relaxed myself, lubed up the larger of the four models and popped it in. Just the tip. I followed the instructions and contracted to pull the Peridise in to myself. I was greeted by a lovely feeling in my anal canal. I continued these contractions maybe ten or so times until I was sure the device was properly inserted.

I relaxed myself and started deep breathing. I was greeted by more of these pleasurable feelings in my anus. It was working for me! It made me really happy. I relaxed myself further and enjoyed these feelings. Pretty soon my legs started to vibrate, and my anus started to twitch. It felt so so good. My PC muscle was contracting all by itself and I kept having short subtle bursts of pleasure in my anal canal. The peridise was also 'tickling' the outside of my anus and this felt great too. I ran out of time so I had to stop the session, but I'm pretty sure I found my new favourite toy… I didn't even have chance to switch to one of the smaller models I was enjoying it so much.

Looking forward to spending some quality alone time with these beauties.


  1. Really good to hear about this. This has put the Peridese firmly back on my shopping list.

    I read some of your earlier posts and recognised the aneros sensations you describe. We seem to be on a similar path.

  2. A very informative description of what you did and the results produced for you. Thanks for that. Please consider providing additional entries as your usage of these devices continues.

  3. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I'm really glad you enjoy reading!

    @Linum I definitely recommend them, they're great fun. They feel different to the other Aneros models as well, which I think is quite nice.

    @aneros44309 Really glad to hear that you want to read more! Definitely will be updating this blog fairly regularly.

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