Recovery from a brief illness : Sessions for the week of February 2-9

Hi guys,

Last Saturday morning, January 26, I had one of my best Aneros sessions ever. However, I took a chill from my frigid apartment on a winter's morning. We have had several weeks of real winter weather recently in comparison to the balmy January a year ago when daffodils were blooming in my part of DC. However this past Wednesday we had temperatures near 70 degrees before the arrival of a strong cold front which arrived Wednesday evening. So we are back to the winter stuff.

The chill I received last Saturday developed into sore throat that evening. Yet I went to services at church last Sunday at a church complex without heat. Before the day was out, I had a full-fledged cold along with chills with a slight fever. I may have suffered a mild form of the flu. I had to let the illness take its course. That meant suspension of my Aneros sessions and my customary long walks. Yet Aneros rewiring went on unabated during my illness with my awakened prostate, much like the purring of a V8 engine in idle. I found that very reassuring during my frustration of being kept away from my Aneros buddies. Now that engine is ready for some action this morning!

)Session just below composed late Sunday afternoon, February 3(

Saturday morning session, Febrary 2.
Sequence of models used: Helix Syn — Progasm Black Ice — Maximus — Progasm Classic.
Duration: 2.5 hours plus.
Lubricant: Extra virgin olive oil.

I began the session at an unusually late hour around 7:45 a.m. with the Helix Syn. I began gradually with this buddy who introduced me to Anerosing early June 2012. He gave me a good, aggressive ride and thus was a great preparation for Progasm Black Ice which as usual gave me an enjoyable, smooth ride. I just love the smooth as glass action and the girth of both Ice and Black Ice and they prepare me for their older brother, big bruiser Progasm Classic, my master teacher in Anerosing. Maximus as always works in his very special way in "hooking" around the full length of my prostate. And last and night least Progasm Classic was there to love me up in big man fashion. I wanted so much to continue on with Helix Syn and end with Progasm Ice, but I was beginning to suffer exposure from my cold apartment, and so brought my session to an end just over 2.5 hours. So despite being knocked out of action with the Aneros for nearly a week, little progress was lost.

Monday morning session, February 4: Back to full-fledged Aneros action!

Sequence of models used: Progasm Black IceProgasm Classic — Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Ice.
Duration: ca. 3.5 hours.
Lubricant: Extra virgin olive oil )EVOO(.

I hardly remember this session, but I am sure it certainly felt really good! My return to regular Aneros sessions has aided me in my swift recovery from a mild flu.

)Composed Tuesday February 5(:

Wednesday morning session, February 6: I love my Progasm big buddies!

Sequence of models used: Progasm Black IceProgasm Classic.
Duration: 1.5 hours only.
Lubricant: EVOO.

Yeah, I do! I spent only 75 minutes each with Progasm Black Ice and Progasm Classic Wednesday morning finishing up around 8 a.m. I just love the full-bodied autof**k action of the Progasm models but couldn't spend more time with my buddies because I had to get ready and leave on time for my Wednesday volunteering.

Wednesday evening I went to meeting at Catholic University across town which left me drained. I had to take Thursday off to process what was discussed at the meeting. I even took a two hour nap in the midday just to regain my equilibrium.

Friday morning session, February 8: Those sweet, delicious Aneros feelings!

Sequence of models used: Progasm Black Ice — Progasm Classic — Helix Syn — Maximus.
Duration: ca. 3 hours.
Lubricant: EVOO.

Friday's session was a consolation prize for my "short" Wednesday morning session. As always I spent a long, leisure time with Progasm Black Ice and Progasm Classic. Just love the feeling of these two big girthy guys as they go in and out of my mancunt and also just let them autof**k me as they wont to do, in no-hands fashion! I also "necked" with both Helix Syn and Maximus and just let those sweet, delicious Aneros feelings build! It is often hard to bring a session to an end. My body craves more Aneros action! But fatigue and the threshold of pain )overdoing it( tells me to stop. When Anerosing, it is always good to listen to your body.

Saturday morning session, February 9: "Full court press!"

Sequence of models used: Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Ice — Helix Classic — Progasm Classic — Progasm Black Ice.
Duration: 3.25 hours.
Lubricant EVOO.

I am using the basketball term, "Full court press," for man-to-man action on the basketball court as the title for this morning's session. I wanted to "neck" with Helix Syn, just savor him lying upon my prostate. But the pleasure grew with Helix Syn as my prostate became erect, engorged with the excitement of being so subtly and deftly caressed. Then I switched over to Maximus and I loved once again how he caresses directly the full-length of my prostate.

Progasm Ice performed well as even a full-bodied, yet sleek massage. Just loved also the feeling of his girth massaging my anal musculature in in-and-out action! I do not work though with Helix Classic enough, but this morning I spent just fifteen minutes with him and enjoyed his direct touch. I think I'll use Helix Classic to begin Monday morning's session next week. I concluded today's session with working with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Black Ice thirty minutes each. Gee, I cannot get enough of my Progasm buddies! I just love and adore their big man fashion of Anerosing! Take care!


  1. Thank you, aneros44309. I haven't seen much of you recently too. Hope you are doing well.


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