The consolations of heavy duty Progasm Classic autof**king, sessions for March 23 & 25

Hi guys,

Pleasure Tease, the adult store in New Jersey near Philadelphia, PA is doing all it can to rectify a problem of a misdelivery in a recent order of mine. On Monday March 6, I ordered from them a Progasm Classic in Black. Unfortunately they were out of that model's color, so they give me a choice to wait until they got it back in stock in their store. Unfortunately one of their clerks sent me the Progasm Black Ice instead. It arrived by USPS priority mail last Saturday. I was rather displeased by the snafu in service. But a few days ago they allowed me to return to them the unwanted Progasm Black Ice in lieu of my much desired Progasm Classic in Black which they special ordered from a store in Colorado this past Thursday. It is expected to arrive here today! My fingers are crossed and I am dying from horniness!!!

Otherwise I had a great session earlier this morning, filled with lots of Aneros necking and Aneros Autof**king!

Sequence of models used: Helix Classic — Progasm Black Ice — Maximus — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic.
Duration: ca. 2.5 hours.
Lube: Extra virgin olive oil.

Again I just love Saturday mornings. Quiet, peaceful, hardly any distractions from fellow tenants and building staff. I got up just after the morning news on the radio just after 5 a.m. I shaved, bathed, and dressed for a morning constitutional in my neighborhood, getting a coffee and doughnut from the 7-Eleven, before returning home with a refill cup of coffee. Before going outdoors, I had pre-cleaned all my Aneros buddies and set up for the session.

I began once again with the Helix Classic. This morning I spent much time letting him neck with my prostate. I just let the pleasure build, build, and build! Just savoring the continuing crescendos of pleasure. I let everything lie in suspense with him, just hovering at an apex of pleasure with him. This morning I did not allow him to autof**k me.

Next I continued with Progasm Black Ice letting him neck with my prostate. Again that suspension of action, allowing the pleasure to build, trying to reach that summit of pleasure. This time I allowed Progasm Black Ice to autof**k me and I exult in all the various strokes he could deliver me. The three models of the Progasm that I own have the girth which is ideal for various durations and strengths of Kegeling. Two or three brief Kegels, I noticed this morning, just fueled his autof**king.

Then I continued along with Maximus with whom I worked in the same way as I had with Helix Classic this morning. Maximus, with his extra-long length caused me to ascend even more the summit of pleasure. Again I did not let him autof**k me this morning. I wanted to hover at this summit.

Little happened, though, with Progasm Ice afterward. With him it was just a rather short interlude. But it was with Progasm Classic that this morning's session really took off. Progasm Classic has that heft which really propels Anerosing. Again just allowing myself to luxuriate in his necking my prostate, feeling his girth, his big bruiser "manliness" in my mancunt :-( Finally I let him go, let him has his way with me in Aneros autof**king. This morning he will carried to summits of exquisite pleasure, showing new exciting and wonderful vistas.

My session this morning only lasted about 2.5 hours. It ended around 10 a.m. I had to dress for the day with an important errand to run. I hurried composed a note which I hand delivered at the reception desk of an apartment building of a lady friend of mine 2.25 miles from my apartment. Her apartment is on Wisconsin Avenue across the street from Washington National Cathedral. The Cathedral sits upon Mount Saint Alban which is a high hill overlooking DC. It takes me a good 75 minutes of robust walking to climb this hill which I did this morning to deliver my note. I haven't achieved a Super-O yet, but my Aneros session have enhanced a great deal my general health, especially my long walks.

[Continuation written very early in the a.m., Tuesday March 26]

I finally arrived home two hours after running my errand. We had hints of spring in the air with the warm sunshine along with the lingering winter chill. I waited patiently for the USPS postal worker to arrive with my much anticipated parcel containing the Progasm Classic in Black. Unfortunately she arrived close to closing time of our apartment building rental office near 5 p.m. Neither she nor the assistant manager were willing to hand to me my parcel. It ended being locked up in a closet. So I had to wait close to a day and a half before I got it Monday morning. In the meantime, the weather had turned cold and raw with overcast skies heralding a winter storm Sunday. Monday we received two inches of wet snow turning to rain for the rest of the day.

At 9 a.m. Monday morning I was able to get my parcel finally only to discover that the store in Colorado from which it was sent, shipped me another Progasm Black Ice which dismayed me no end! So I sent another e-mail to Pleasure Tease requesting to mail it back to me in exchange for a Progasm Classic in Blue which they have. I suspect now that the older Progasm Classic in Black has been superseded by the newer Progasm Black Ice. So late Monday night I contacted Aneros Support to see if this is so.

I really wanted a session late Monday morning to work off my frustrations. It occurred at around 10 a.m. and ended around noon, just two hours. I worked with Helix Classic, Progasm Black Ice, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. Unfortunately there was a racket in the hallway outside of my apartment from workmen working on an apartment several doors down.

I had great necking action with both Helix Classic and Maximus with increasing crescendos of anticipatory Aneros pleasure, actually getting into the Aneros Zone, or Zoneros! However while all this was happened, it appeared that my anal sphincters were clamping shut, stronger than ever. I had to exercise great care withdrawing both models.

However, something really wonderful happened with Progasm Classic in my session. It took me just two 60 second Kegels to activate my Progasm Classic to administer a really heavy duty autof**k which really felt good! By then the racket of the workmen forced me to end my session. I can't wait for early Wednesday morning's session before apartment staff arrive on duty.


  1. what do you mean by autofuc%ing.. can you be more specific of the details of how it works for you?

  2. Hi Alex_xxx,

    By Autof**king, I mean that the Aneros model is moving of its according within my anal canal and massaging my prostate all by itself. It is self-driven. See my recent post on the subject on Aneros Forum: The Progasm Classic: my Energizer Bunny!


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