Ninth session )day 25(

So I'm on the vinter cabin with familt this weekend. Struggled to find some alone time.
Had a big BM, ate dinner, went to "rest" and slept for half an hour. Woke up and lubed up. Slipped the helix in an started doing my exercises. Felt good, but felt like I almost was about to poop the helix out. Then it dawned on me that it really wanted out.

Out of nothing I was about to have another BM. At the cabin with my folks and toilet occupied I almost shit myself before the toilet was available and I could take it out before the huuuge BM that accompanied it…..

Let this be a warning to myself and to others….. Be careful where and when you use it. It could happen to YOU!


  1. I always wait an hour after going to the bathroom and I make sure that I've not eaten anything to ensure I don't encounter any nasty surprises! Having an empty stomach is much more comfortable for me as well

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