The Examined Chat

What is it about sharing an Aneros Session that makes it so much better? Previous chatting I've done was fun, both mutual JO and V-sex, but never really pushed any of my buttons; good for help along the way, but nothing over the top. However, when I'm riding and chatting WHOLE OTHER STORY!

Aneros sharing is different. All men are wired for jerking, but Re-wiring , it’s a select club of brave explorers wandering off into new lands of sexual delight. Sharing the feeling of re-discovering your body sets Aneros chat apart. Chat tends to focus on the body’s response and feelings vice focusing on describing actions on the path to discovery.

When starting a private chat, the anticipation takes my arousal to a new higher level. Breathing and pulse quicken. Cock goes hard and juices really get going. Every time the guitar sounds, my cock jumps and ass clenches. This leads to more excitement!
The back and forth of two individuals on a super-orgasmic journey trying to put the indescribable into words… For me, this is a key item: engaging the brain to observe and translate the feelings makes me more aware and heightens my sensations. Gets hard to type as sessions go on, but neither participant seems to mind.

During these sessions, you can feel the energy being shared between the partners. Our words prod our bodies into action. Very quickly, Prostate is on fire with waves of ecstasy coursing through our bodies. Sessions seem to come in four flavors: coaching, exploring, shared ride, and just chatting. All are great fun.

The best sessions are the ones where you feel you’ve entered a shared pleasure zone with both chatters linked and resonating in unison. Your posts mirror each other’s, heightening the pleasure on your way to shared orgasmic bliss. The best summation comes from one of my chats:

H – “Pushing my cock through your prostate into your own cock, they become one”
V- “Your energy flowing into me, pushing me to new heights!”
H – “In tandem we can ride this better. Know that we have become one orgasmic being here, with a far greater capacity for pleasure”


  1. Hey, Varmint! I've experienced similar powerful experiences when sharing a private chat. You did an excellent job putting the experience into words!

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