Progress, progress, progress

Looking back through my blog entries has made me realised how different my Aneros sessions are now. When I started this blog I was struggling not to have HFWO's during sessions. My body would always try and create a traditional orgasm when things started to feel good. The orgasms were amazing, and they are by far and away the most pleasure I have ever felt – often lasting for 20 seconds or more involving my penis and my prostate/anus as well, but they are not the kind of orgasms I would like.

I think the key to avoiding these orgasms was down to a number of things: relaxation, removing expectation, and patience. I am able to relax fairly quickly now, which helps me move into the state of mind that is required to have a good Aneros session, and I enter the session with absolutely no expectation.
I am able to just relax and enjoy whatever happens. I am not actively looking for any kind of orgasm, nor am I trying to create one.

One of the things I look forward to most when preparing myself for a session, is just being able to relax and enjoy myself. I have noticed that I am smiling during my sessions whenever I feel pleasure. I think this creates a feeling of happiness inside me, and even helps me during sessions.

Looking back, I also remember that in my old sessions I would feel maybe one or two pleasurable sensations in a 2 hour session.
Now my body produces involuntary contractions regularly, and I am experiencing p-waves regularly also.

It's good to see progress and it's great that I am seeing progress of being re-wired. For me the little differences in the way my body acts to sexual arousal and stimulation are signs of this progress. When I am aroused I often feel p-waves and small contractions, rather than becoming erect. Sometimes I'll accidentally brush one of my nipples, which creates a p-wave or a tingling feeling in my pelvis.
Last night I went back to a girls house and we started kissing. She had one of her hands on my stomach, and this was really stimulating me – causing p-waves and slight abdominal contractions. She probably wondered why I was grinning so much!
If only I could tell her…

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  1. Wonderful blog entry there. I recognise much of what you have said. It's like suddenly everything clicks into place in your head. I also recognise the appearance of aneros-less sensations in sex – THAT is amazing to me.

    All the best on your continuing journey


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