Drip, drip, drip

Fellow journeyers,

Being a man with an awakened prostate opens so many new doors. One that is wonderful, yet difficult to explain (although I know many of you will understand) is the great deal of satisfaction one receives when allowing orgasmic pleasure to rule.

Many times, many, many times, I find myself in no need of ejaculation/orgasm for satisfaction. The depth of prostate orgasm sates my appetite completely. Even when with my wife, I can give to her to the point where she begs for me to stop – she is satisfied too – yet, there is no intercourse.

That was it this morning. Spent a great deal of time touching her delicate, responsive skin. She wriggled in pleasure until she was completely happy and just turned to cuddle. During that time, I was enjoying dozens of -less orgasms, happy as a clam. I needed no more.

We cuddled in slumber for an hour or so. She left the bed to start her day. I got up a bit later to begin mine.

Gravity did its thing and, I swear, a cup of precum streamed out of my dick when i stood. It strung itself between my legs and down to my feet and even a bit of a puddle on the floor. I smiled a smile of complete gratitude. It was a bit of a flood. So lovely and pleasing.

I am a very lucky man!



  1. I am glad to see you find satisfaction from its own merit. I look forward to a day when I reach a similar plateau. I may not though. I understand that. It takes much to sate my appetite. It takes even more to do so at my core. However, I fully agree that it is the receptiveness, the depths of enjoyment, that do satisfy so fully. It is amazing to see your connection expanding to your wife to the effect that she feels it as well. The orgasm and orgasmic response we have as beings is amazing in and of itself. Thank you for sharing fellow journey and friend.

  2. Brian,

    Great blog post! Am having fun imagining the "drip, drip, drip". Anyway, I really appreciate your openness and willingness to share your experiences both here and in the chat room this morning. It's good to know there are guys like you who support newbies like me. I haven't completely figured out how all the forums and blogs work yet, but I'll find a way to keep you posted on my progress if you're interested.


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