Can you say MARATHON?

Had the day to myself.

It was inevitable.

10:00 – Insertion of Dame Helix Syn.
10:01 – The excitement begins.
10:10 – Check in to Aneros chat, a bit out of breath.
10:11 – Begin chatting (while riding) with some Aneros buddies – Twlltn, Theme_Gasm, Aneros2010, to name a few – all the while moaning through Dry and Super Os.
11:00 – Won the "I Can Still Chat and Type While Being Taken for a Wild Ride by Lady Syn" Award – while shivering through long-term, full-bodied orgasmic bliss.
1:00 – Began deepening my connection with my pal Theme_Gasm, all the time still riding – during my settling in to Calm Seas. Removed Synsation.
2:00 – Met up with my other pal, Aneros2010. We had an amazing mutual -less session together – during which every imaginable orgasm passed through me.
4:00 – Crossed the "finish line" of my marathon session, satisfied, sweaty, wet, warm, and smiling.

Now, the after-glow and echoes.

Thank you to my Aneros pals who are so generous, helpful, encouraging, and open.



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