Dream Record

[2013-07-04 00:47:48] Theme_Gasm: User <Theme_Gasm> entered the chat room.
[2013-07-04 01:15:31] Theme_Gasm: Ok…I just awoke from a dream unlike any I've ever had! First, I fell asleep on my back, legs and butt slightly elevated by pillows.
[2013-07-04 01:18:02] Theme_Gasm: I awoke slightly, then fell back asleep, and almost simultaneously encountered a tiger that rolled off a an elevated platform, onto the ground and immediately grasped my right arm with his mouth and wouldn't let go!
[2013-07-04 01:18:51] Theme_Gasm: Also, I fell asleep riding my progasm sr!
[2013-07-04 01:20:34] Theme_Gasm: And then as the tiger had my arm, a large light colored snake fell on top of me and encircled my upper body!
[2013-07-04 01:22:48] Theme_Gasm: Then, as I stared at the tiger he became frightened and let go and started to move away. He then started to come back at me but I kept staring at him and he growled and left me alone.
[2013-07-04 01:25:54] Theme_Gasm: Then, I remember calling for help several times before pushing the snake off of me and over my head when I then awoke to discover I was breathing quite hard and fast, and I was laying on my right side.
[2013-07-04 01:31:48] Theme_Gasm: I then browsed for potential explanations for both these symbols and found that the snake is a kundalini symbol.
[2013-07-04 01:33:33] Theme_Gasm: And fighting back a tiger may symbolize being successful, or in the ability to overcome obstacles!
[2013-07-04 01:34:36] Theme_Gasm: Ok, that's it for now!

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