Ending in fireworks

It was so hot and humid on the 4th, that I declined several invitations to join friends for the Boston Pops Esplanade concert and fireworks display. I'd planned to go away for a long weekend anyway, leaving the morning of the 5th. So I wanted to devote the 4th to celebrating my own personal freedom to give myself as much pleasure as I could handle.

For about half an hour leading up to beginning my aneros session, I merely relaxed, headphones on, with soothing sensuous music lulling me into a mild stupor. I flexed my anal muscles in concert with my prostate, feeling the pleasure start to build deep in my hole and luxuriating in the tingling sensation of my manucunt lips. My balls were feeling tight and my cock slowly began to become engorged, but not rock hard. Wonderful!

When I couldn't wait any longer, i lubed my pussy with a mix of vaseline and albolene, pushing the balm deep in my hole with my finger and spreading a coating on my hot pulsing cuntlips. I took out my aneros classic and covered it with the same lubricating mix, and prepared for the penetration. I changed the music track to )oddly enough( a series of satanic chants i found on a tumblr page. Many of the chants celebrated a devotion to lust and erotic pleasure, while others were dark, foreboding but intensely sexual.
Lying on my side, I placed the aneros tip just at the opening of my hole. And as the music exhorted me to give in to lust, I pushed the aneros into my hole while pushing my hips back to fully embrace the penetration.

I rolled over onto my back and lay flat on the mattress, loving the feel of my aneros becoming one with my mancunt. I lay still and just listened. For half an hour, i relaxed, breathed deeply, and felt the aneros responding to the manipulations of my internal muscles. As it moved, pressing and caressing my prostate, those wonderful waves i've grown to love began washing over me again and again. I'd reach a peak, slide into a plateau, and merely float along the plane, riding the wave of pleasure emanating from my pulsating prostate.

By now, my cock was leaking delicious droplets of clear precum, I was writhing and moaning in lust, and aching to be filled with my beautiful Progasm Ice. I prepared him carefully, again slathering a nice layer of vaseline and albolene all along his surface. Headphones still in place, I switched to the visual and aural stimulation of xtube. I replaced my Classic with the Progasm Ice in one smooth motion, and began watching a young man in immobilizing bondage being tormented with e-stim bands around his cock and an electrode buttplug strapped firmly in place. He moaned and screamed and panted with pleasure, as the electrodes milked the semen from him in what seemed to be 8 or ten separate orgasms. I was having countless mini-o's as the kid was shooting geysers of sperm! I moved on to various video clips, mostly ones that were at least 20 minutes in length. I wanted to get in a rhythm with my Iceboy working my hole, and longer videos gave me that luxury. Long after I heard the fireworks go off not blocks from my house in Boston, I was reaching my own spectacular feeling of the rocket's red glare. I'd gone through several fullbody rushes of pleasure. I was drooling and moaning; my legs trembled and spasmed in my pursuit of the Super O. I lay back and fingered my hyper-sensitive nipples, bucked my hips, and alternately squeezed and relaxed my cunt muscles. In one final series of pleasure peaks, I shook and trembled from head to toe and felt a satisfying, gratifying, autoerotic, surge of lust and release as I came as close to the ultimate Super O as I ever had. I came without cuming, I shot with no rounds in the chamber, I released a torrent of pleasure that left me sated and spent. I was filled with solosexual love and lust. I was still highly aroused. and my balls remained filled with semen that would await another opportunity to fill my mouth in the holy communion of lust.


  1. that was beautifully wrote and gave me a few super o's myself. Sounds like a great night. what chants do you listen too.

  2. What an amazing entry. Reading this gave me a solid hard on and made me go into an aneros less session. Also would like to know what tumblr page you found those chants on.

  3. the chants were at morezhail.tumblr.com

    glad you like my posting. let me know if you use the chants in your next session!

  4. Nice read, thank you. Throughout this piece, I found it especially erotic by way of referring to your "mancunt." I speak for myself, and I'm sure others would agree that, our rectum is indeed a sexual organ housing a minefield of supreme pleasure and that once discovered, it will continue to be treated as such. More reason to be kind to your behind and appreciate it for what it's capable of producing in terms of, relaxation, getting in-touch with the real you, and being clearly present in observing the metamorphosis of what we as men, for the most part, had no clue as to what alternatives were available to us outside of the ordinary. Great story Mike!

  5. Excellent storytelling Mike, filled with your glorious energies man!! Congratulations on what many might say was your first wonderful Super-O experience!!!

    Super-Os can take a wild variety of forms, the two main ones being Active Body such as yours here, and Still Body, which can be astoundingly powerful without stressing the body.

    Great comments here too men!!! Really appreciate your reflections on all of this Vic!!

    all the very best orgasmic ecstatic energies and pleasures at all levels all


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