This is going to be a short one today. I am a gay male. I am a feminine gay male. I feel as I use my aneros device I become more feminine as I go. The way I move my body and the soft subtle moans that escape my mouth just bring out the woman in me. As I contract my helix in is like a nice structured cock going inside my nice tight wet boy pussy. That's another thing. I refer to my ass as a pussy. I call it so many things, pussy, man cunt, my wet volcano. I have read that many straight men here feel the same way when there in the heat of the passion when there with there devices. But I think that it is heightened cause I'm already a gay fem male. Like right now I wish I had something in my cunt right now, something that will make my hole pucker with pleasure.


  1. I like this post, short and sweet as it is. I have a similar feeling when I use my Vice. I think, "Oh. I get to have my very own vibrator!" My femme side really wakes during those moments. I'm not sure if orientation has anything to do with it or not though. I'm bisexual and had a long struggle with my femme side and masculine side. Now, I just feel the ebb and flow between homme and femme naturally. I allow myself to express it, feel it, and then continue on.

    It's nice that you have this recognition about yourself. It seems your arousal is really starting to pique. I know when I want anal, I seem to feel my most femme. It's rare when I feel masculine and wanting anal at the same time, but when I do, it's an entirely different sensation altogether. When I'm in the zone, I rarely think of my penis at all as my Aneros device is working its magic. I just enjoy that ride. It's really great that you have unleashed and accepted such a sensation from within yourself.

    My only suggestion is to avoid limiting what you feel to just the femme energies. Keep reaching out, keep feeling more, and keep going further my friend. Blend those masculine and feminine energies together. Play in the dance that is your body. Enjoy all that comes to you. I wish you the best in your journey.

  2. hey man i'm right where you are. tho i'm not feminine, ever since i started using my Aneros boys, my cunt has taken the place of my cock as my favorite sex object. first i was completely thrilled to discover i had both a beautiful cock that i love, AND a pussy that gives me a very different kind of pleasure. when i have a session with my Progasm Ice or my Classic, i feel much more feminine and submissive. and when i have either a wet or dry orgasm, it suffuses the entire area of my cock, balls and cunt with a unique and wonderful kind of pleasure.

  3. This is so interesting because I too have begun to focus and become highly aware of my pretty-fem-side. And, I'm loving what is happening to and with me. I conduct myself in a more traditional "straight" way, but since discovering my Aneros device I have allowed myself to soften down to what normally would have been a harder edge, and now I don't give a ship. Just this past week my wife received an order of new bras in the mail and I opened them for her. Something came over me and I simply had to try one on, and so I did right in front of her. She said, "you can have my old ones if you want" for which I eagerly replied, "ok, sure." Well, this has now led me onto a whole NEW plane of play. I got ready for a session, slipped on my new toy, The Bra, and began my session. Half way into the trance, I felt myself taking on this incredible feeling of womanhood right down to feeling like I was being fvcked. My whole anal/pussy region was fired-hot and the MMO's were unstoppable. I kept telling myself that this must be what it is like for a woman to be fully submitted to her man. Since that day, I added a nice little flimsy pair of lace panties and this has quadrupled my Aneros effect to the point that I have wet-dream-orgasms through the cords of a steely pink purple obelisk. It is so GREAT and it is also so secret and wonderful to cross back into manhood and resume life as I have always known it.

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