The prequel

I thought I should give this a try and the thought of doing a blog with updates really appealed to me. Let's start. Recently 35 and I've always had a very high sex drive. Masturbate at least twice a day most days. And very limited anal experience. Always been fond of anal but never really explored it. Bought a simple anal vibrator a couple of years ago, didn't really mess with it too much for no particular reason. But I've always been interested in exploring, in particular, prostate play.

So I finally decided to take the plunge and ordered the Helix Syn as my first foray into this. Should be delivered by Wednesday. So I've been researching, reading, and learning all about the process of what to expect, & general idea of what to do. This is simply the most complex sexual idea I've ever attempted. Almost intimidating and a little scary but I think I'm willing to walk the plank in exploring what all this will be like. Yeah I know, a little melodramatic but I feel like little young me when I first discovered masturbation all those years ago.

Sadly, I won't have the time to set aside for my first session till at least next Friday, maybe Saturday all depending on rl schedules. I just want to have the time without interruption. Which is great. I figured since I actually haven't masturbated for a week already, might as well hold out and see if that'll effect my first Aneros session. )The refrain masturbation is because of being out of town for family Thanksgiving obligations. So tonight is the 1st night in complete privacy that I've had since November 22.( But I've kind of got a little excited from reading some of the various blog entries here describing various experiences other folks on this forum expressed. So I got rather aroused so I started to stroke myself to a full solid erection. But I didn't want to release till my session so I stopped when I started to drip precum. )Which btw, I'm naturally a heavy pre-cumer. So I don't know how that would effect any sessions.( After I finished without any release, I thought maybe I should take advantage of detailing my quote, unquote journey like so many other members on this site. So I look forward detailing my experiences on where this journey will take me.



  1. Don't try to force it … let it come to you …

    And if you beat off and ejaculate, it's a nice way to end a session, but it definitely ends it. You get a big shot of endorphins that give that cozy "want to tuck it around you and drift off" feeling and you're in your refractory period, however long it is.

  2. Thank you for the advice. I will keep all that in mind for my first session. I made Saturday evening completely free and distraction free. Gathered all the items I think I need for prep and clean up. I really am trying not to an expectation for my first session but I'm still getting a little giddy. Been working on various breathing exercises this week plus working out the various mussels I need to work with. Any other advice I should consider?

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