First Session: Ahead as planned

When I got home from work yesterday, my Syn arrived. I was so excited that it did, I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas. But I had told myself I should wait till my pre-planned time this coming Saturday where I know I will have the time & privacy to take it out for a spin. I also wanted more time to just practice my breathing and isolating the various muscles. But close to bedtime, I was a little antsy and saw that I will have some time & privacy. So I just decided, "what the hell."

Took a brief shower and quick enima to freshen up. Gathered some towels, laid one down over my bed, another off to the side. Turned on some quiet, easy going on my computer to help relax. Then I just laid dawn, closed my eyes and relaxed. Stroked myself to a decent erection, doing so actually helped me to relax more. After 10 minutes or so, I dabbed my finger with a healthy amount of Maximus lube. Then shifted to my right side, right leg out straight, left leg up in a fetal position. Then I massaged my hole and just overall lubed it up. Then I lubed the Syn a number of times till it was really dripping of lube. I then adjusted it to the correct position, then rubbed my hole with it and with a gentle push, it went in easier than I thought. Which surprised me because I have no real experience with anal.

The prequel

I thought I should give this a try and the thought of doing a blog with updates really appealed to me. Let's start. Recently 35 and I've always had a very high sex drive. Masturbate at least twice a day most days. And very limited anal experience. Always been fond of anal but never really explored it. Bought a simple anal vibrator a couple of years ago, didn't really mess with it too much for no particular reason. But I've always been interested in exploring, in particular, prostate play.

So I finally decided to take the plunge and ordered the Helix Syn as my first foray into this. Should be delivered by Wednesday. So I've been researching, reading, and learning all about the process of what to expect, & general idea of what to do. This is simply the most complex sexual idea I've ever attempted. Almost intimidating and a little scary but I think I'm willing to walk the plank in exploring what all this will be like. Yeah I know, a little melodramatic but I feel like little young me when I first discovered masturbation all those years ago.

My 2nd post.

I finally went to bed last night proud of myself for not masturbating to ejaculation. I did stoke myself to the point of several drops of precum. When that happened, i just squeezed out what I had, wiped it off. Then licked it. As I dazed off to sleep, I felt this dull ache in my entire genital region which persisted all through the night right up to morning. Woke up with a real stiff & firm morning wood so I stroked myself some more till more precum leaked out. But again I resisted the urge to finish to ejaculation. And the dull ache returned a little more noticeable. But I'm vowing not to allow proper release till at the very least this coming weekend for my very first session.

Now a question from an Aneros virgin. Would this kind of edging have any effect on my first ever session? Keep in mind I haven't ejaculated in slightly over a week so far. I know from all the reading I've been doing that ejaculation isn't the goal. If it happens during the session, it happens. Any advice on what I'm doing this week and any advice for my first session would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to listen. Sorry for acting a little overzealous before I even start. I honestly haven't been this exited since I first discovered masturbation and also first having sex.