First Session: Ahead as planned

When I got home from work yesterday, my Syn arrived. I was so excited that it did, I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas. But I had told myself I should wait till my pre-planned time this coming Saturday where I know I will have the time & privacy to take it out for a spin. I also wanted more time to just practice my breathing and isolating the various muscles. But close to bedtime, I was a little antsy and saw that I will have some time & privacy. So I just decided, "what the hell."

Took a brief shower and quick enima to freshen up. Gathered some towels, laid one down over my bed, another off to the side. Turned on some quiet, easy going on my computer to help relax. Then I just laid dawn, closed my eyes and relaxed. Stroked myself to a decent erection, doing so actually helped me to relax more. After 10 minutes or so, I dabbed my finger with a healthy amount of Maximus lube. Then shifted to my right side, right leg out straight, left leg up in a fetal position. Then I massaged my hole and just overall lubed it up. Then I lubed the Syn a number of times till it was really dripping of lube. I then adjusted it to the correct position, then rubbed my hole with it and with a gentle push, it went in easier than I thought. Which surprised me because I have no real experience with anal.

Once it was in, it became far bigger and noticeable than expectations. )I was also a little surprised on how small it was when I first took it out of the package.( Anyways, I just layed there on my side just breathing, mostly in deep slow breaths for about 10 minutes or so. Trying to get even more relaxed. Then I slowly started to flex and hold the various muscles in the region. This is the part where I'm a bit lost, I know exactly which muscle is the PC one, and I know that I flexed the others, just still a little unsure on how exactly I should flex & contract them. But I knew I was on the correct track for the most part because it how felt nice. So after 30 minutes of so, I looked down and felt I was leaking a good amount of precum and I was kind of proud of that. At the 45 minute point, while I was holding a flex, something in my hips started to shake. I tried to continue to hold and the shaking got a little spastic and my breathing got a little irregular. Felt really nice. Then it happened again but a little stronger. So at the hour mark, a third wave hit me where I was really shaking and convulsing and I felt spot deep inside started to tingle, almost like a rising tide. But my hips started to hurt and feel strained from all the gyrating. I think I need to exercise more. So I had to purposely stop to change positions. So I flipped over on my arms and knees into a doggie position. And pretty soon I had 3 more waves of this shaking, my hips going every which way outside of my control. And that spot deep inside started to bubble up again and I was really liking that feeling but it'll fade away during the times where I am still between these waves. At around the 1 hour 20 minute point, I shifted positions again to my back, rear on a pillow elevating it, and my knees up, feet flat on bed slightly spread. The waves started up much quicker this time and that one spot started to really be pronounced in it's wanting to spill over. My hips was going crazy again but after 15 minutes, they were starting to get rather sore from all the activity they were going through so I just decided to finish in the traditional way, so I quickly lubed up my hand and penis. Very quickly got an erection, it was more sensitive than normal. After a few minutes, I thought I will try to edge this a bit since this really felt amazing. I normally know how to push it as close as I can before ejactulate. So when I thought I was close enough to lay my hands off to edge for a bit, I just was already pass my threshold of the point of no return. I guess the Aneros effected by only a single session. When I started to cum, I quickly went back to finish stroking. I was more sensitive than normal so it was very rough. Semen was erupting longer and larger than any prior ejactulation. I was just beside myself. After a couple minutes of just laying there, exhausted. I finally forced myself up. Cleaned everything up, washed myself up and the Syn. And generally got ready for bed in which I slept like a baby. Now when I woke up, I noticed my boxers was a bit wet. It seemed like I was leaking pre-cum or something during the night. Not that I'm really complaining, just something I wasn't expecting.

All in all, I felt like this was a solid first session with alot accomplished. I do plan my 2nd session this coming weekend and I can't wait to see what'll happen this time around.



  1. Tremendous session bro. Keep at it. Your methods are helping a person who has been at it for about five months with no progress such as you have had.

    You hit a homoe run there.

  2. Congratulations man. So proud that you were still learning as you went along in your session. You are so on the right track to great waves and orgasms.

  3. Ain't it fun? By the way, is that a Helix Syn or a Eupho Syn? The next stage for me was being so blissed out after a few that I couldn't count the super-O's and coming to myself a couple of hours later.

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