Thank you, Lord!

Woke up and peed, I'd like a ride if my wife were out shopping. Nope, napping in the other room.

Back in bed, trying a little fooling around.

I tried that exercise where you tent your hand and push a log through your abdomen. WEEEEEEEEEE! SUPER-O

Wow, let's try *that* again! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW ROOM-FILLING SUPER-O with a lot of convulsive thrashing.

Didn't want to waste the privacy, and I was really feeling horny, so I tried the log again concentrating on the front. It took two logs to inflate a lovely hard woodie.

Stroking, I go bigger and bigger super-o's until I was ready to pop (I deflate between them, which makes intercourse difficult.) I was short on fluid, but I had a super=T regardless, with a few drops. Not enough to fill the tubing and give me the full ejaculation sensation. But what a shot of endorphins!!! My boss told me once when he the medics shot him up with morphine in Viet-Nam, it felt like he was on a bearskin in front of a cozy fire in a cabin on a snowy night. Well, I just curled up like that in my Pendleton Blanket and cozied off to sleep for a couple of hours, with just a couple of minis shaking me as I drifted off. Except for my hands flapping against my chest for a few minutes.

If I can do that all by myself, God help me the next time I insert that Eupho Syn! Last time, I was hallucinating!

It's Christmas season; she loves to shop…

Thank God I'm not in Duluth!



  1. Your life at age 70 or so sounds more interesting and sexually alive than a boy who just discovered masturbation.

    Your thanking the Lord in your title makes me wonder if Godly men of old in the Bible like Abraham were rewired. He sure got a boost from somewhere after Sarah died as he fathered many more children. Previously, Sarah laughed at Abram as being able to father a child at his old age.

    I am glad for you Warren and on your trail for your kind of happiness in my senior years.

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