Abounding Orgasms

Helix Syn has rewired me from the tip of the nose down to the mystical prostate and further to the inviting doorway that is the anal opening and back again and again and again. This first blog entry is more an affirmation than how-to. It is an assertion that orgasms are multi-dimensional and not of just the vanilla penis variety that have served me so well, until now . The importance of conscious breathing can not be overstated in this life. It is critical to the athlete, dancer and to those foraging for the "O's" that we so crave. I have always been athletic and fit. Competitive swimming in my 20's and 30's, Marathons in my 40's, and now a 58 year old white bearded Dude doing 5 miles daily or more on foot or snowshoes. The athlete has always valued the importance of breath and being aware of his core as does this Helix rider of 4 months. In further entries my journey to the Super O will be discussed. But now it is my desire to share and document the most amazing multiple Super O experience. Two weeks ago on a Saturday I savored my 3 hour ride and relished in multiple Supers. It has been my experience that after my rides I can summon minis just by breathing into that special prostate spot. So why not the grace of an O in traffic, on line in the market, or anywhere. Helix has so clearly defined the exact location of the spot for me. So much so, that when I masturbate my penis a new pleasure zone has made itself known in my bush. Enjoying rubbing at the base of my penis with one hand while masturbating with the other to heaven. In essence Helix stimulates the inside and me, the outside. For the record, being an Aneros purist I do not do penis pleasure on ride day which is usually once weekly as my prostate orgasms send me into a trance. So two weeks ago on Saturday, my ride led to many happy trails. When I am about to Super O, my belly starting about one inch below the belly button begins to violently contract and pulse and then the O. For me the O feels like a combination of fireworks and extreme ejaculation into the inside of my belly. As one of our Aneros Brothers would say, "cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." On a Weds. morning four days after my ride, my running partner, my beautiful white German Shepherd and I were about three miles into a rigorous speed walk on a 12 degree day. The importance of breathing can not be overemphasized in these conditions which were pretty brutal along the Hudson River, 100 miles north of NYC, that morning. Somehow I was breathing into my prostate and then, the belly began to violently contract and then Super O number one. I began to laugh out loud as the next contractions began, trying to remain prone as orgasm two hit hard. If someone was to view the scene, it would read as Crazy Man intoxicated on morning booze. Three, four, five orgasms later and it let up. Each one as delicious as any with Helix in place. One of our Aneros Brothers calls this experience as riding Less, without Aneros. The point of all of this is less is more and breath is crucial to successful prostate orgasms. I am so looking forward to continuing this journey and experiencing all the surprises, pleasure and cummmmmmmmmmmmm that is possible. Thank-you to this insanely wonderful community of people in search of the orb. Happy Trails, Easy Breathing and cummmmmmmmmmm.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/abounding-orgasms/


  1. Great stream of consciousness blog entry! Can feel the energy pouring out from you to cummmmmmm!!

  2. Looking forward to more blog posts or forum posts detailing your methods. We underlings who are not yet rewired can benefit by your didactic approach.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Looking forward to more blog posts or forum posts detailing your methods. We underlings who are not yet rewired can benefit by your didactic approach.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Happy Happy Joy Joy for you. After my rewiring I can just ask for a pwave and minio and get it.

  5. vermeer, I love your blog. I am a newbie wanted to know if you offered breathing lessons to those of us that need a little assistance. I'm 47 and from what I read breathing is key. I strive to get where u are quickly.

  6. Thank-you tightass. I do not offer breathing lessons but Euphomisms Blog offers specific instructions. Welcome to this Community; take it slowly and you will be greatly rewarded.

  7. Greatly appreciate the comments.

    @Varmint; You ARE open and free, Dude.
    And, the best Teacher that I ever had. Thank-you so much. Just keep it cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmin!!

    Turnrow, thank-you as well for your comments. Was a bit late in getting to the blog and will be posting more on my methods which were learned from our Community. One important thing, You are NOT an underling. We all progress at our own pace. This is an inclusive Community not a race. Looking forward to reading about your orgasms. Go Turnrow!

  8. As a newbie, I want to thank vermeer for turning me on to this absolutely wonderful experience. I am no where near a pro, but my first experience was the ride of a life time

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