Homoerotic Reality and Fantasy

Fantasy and erotic imagery provide a great deal of the fuel that powers my mmo sessions. When prostate spasms are pounding indescribable pleasure into my anal canal and my anus is flexing and opening like a baby bird begging for food, the echoes of orgasmic rapture reverberate in my pelvis and make my cock lurch and drool precum. Being suspending in orgasmic rapture for the extended time that a session takes allows for my erotic fantasies to run wild, reaching the outer limits of my normal responsible behavior to that finite border where my lurid imagination touches the sensual reality of my memory. It is at that razor thin boundary that my fantasies are so incredibly hot that they drive my mmo’s to the limits of my ability to experience pleasure. The excruciating ecstasy that grips my entire pelvis and groin pushes my mind further and further into the lurid and forbidden side of my thoughts. Those chains of relentless chains of orgasms lift my consciousness out of my body and place me in fantasies that are seemingly not anything that I would do … or maybe I would.

I have only had a few sexual encounters with men. They were very erotic; I have experienced the sexual heat of a man’s passion and I have harvested the cream of that passion to savor it and taste it. I have held a mans engorged cock in my mouth as it desperately ached to release his pleasure onto the sucking heat of my tongue. That memory and other lewd and lascivious sex acts I did with my male erotic liaisons provides the reality anchor that draws my mind to that finite border of fantasy.

About an hour ago I finished an amazing mmo session. It was an hour and a half long orchestration of resonating chiming orgasmic bliss and pounding explosions of ecstasy. Thinking back on how this all started it began with an aneros helix. Inserting that helix in my rectum for the first time was akin to inserting a fuse in a stick of dynamite. The explosion that resulted has echoed for eight years now.

Yesterday I was home all day after a grueling weekend of pressure getting a project done by the end of the day on Monday. My reward was a late stay in bed and the peaceful frenzy of my wife sucking my cock and massaging my prostate with her finger. The steaming load I released in her mouth was thickened by several days of mmo and many hours of sensual thoughts and visions. With a thorough ejaculation my balls were drained and my prostate was primed for an intense session later on.

So this morning at 4 AM when I awoke with an erection that hung heavy with my desire, my launch was a matter of less than two minutes. Soon I was riding a huge roller coaster of pleasure gripping the bars of reality as I experienced the delicious sensation of the clanking ride up to the peak of human sexual sensation to reach the exhilarating moment between orgasmic build up and release to then experience the thundering blissful pleasure spasms of the ride down. Over and over the momentum of the ride threw me from side to side and made my anal canal, prostate, perineum, cock and nipples pulse with the raw sexual lust that only an Aneros user knows. But at the same time the pleasure that was wracking my body was luring my mind into that valley between the mountains of memory and fantasy making me climb the slopes to reach the outrageously exotic and erotic fantasy that would inflame the pleasure spasms that were pounding inside me. But sometimes I don’t have to cross the line to fantasy; sometimes my own experiences are sexy enough and vulgarly elegant enough to stoke the furnace of my orgasm. . The memory of my first sex with a man was right on the border and it was sufficient to inflame my mmo this morning.

Sliding into the hot orgasmic groove this morning with my prostate rhythmically pumlsing and my anal canal pumping I remembered removing my clothes in fron t of him, sliding down my briefs to reveal my cock to him. I remembered walking to him and caressing his cock and balls in my hand and sucking one of his nipples as I did. I remembered the sensation of straddling his hips, with my heavy hard cock rigid and dripping from the sensation of his hand and mouth warming the smooth skin of my masculinity. I had never frotted a man before and I was about to, the idea of it was erotic and scary. This was my first erotic contact with a guy. Fleetingly a thought crossed my mind that Mother Nature had designed a penis to penetrate a vagina. Her grand design had never been to make my penis turn into a cock and have it rubbed against another man’s cock. Yet the vulgar creativity of men discovered the fringes of propriety and made it so inappropriately erotic just the thought of it tempered my cock to wrought iron.

I lowered my dick to his and our cockheads kissed, mingling his precum with mine. My initial sensation feeling his cockhead on mine was of hot smoothness. His cock felt like wet warm silk on my own. I lowered my groin further to allow my balls to rest on his. There was something so incredibly intimate about our balls touching. I didn’t love this man but suddenly I was beginning to feel a deep intimacy with him.

Instinctively I had a craving to grind my cock on his, but before I could I felt the familiar sensation of a pleasure wave starting to build in my rectum . The resonant tingling that accompanies a prostate orgasm began to tantalize my anus. In response, like a fish rising to a dry fly cast on water, my anus began to spasm and snap open and closed. Chills of sheer bliss shot up my spine. Then with lightning speed the rippling spasms of orgasm began to roll into my anal canal. I remained immobilized my cock gently pressing on his as I let the chains of orgasms overtake me. I groaned and mumbled to him that I was having an mmo. He reached up and began to toggle my nipples which fanned the flames of my convulsive orgasms to a roaring fire. He bagan to tell me filthy things we would do that weekend which only fueled the mmo more.

I groaned as I remained suspended over him only touching cock to cock and balls to balls for 15 minutes allowing the waves of delirious rapture to fill my anus. I opened my eyes momentarily and had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to kiss him. Frotting and blowjobs were one thing but kissing was another thing; kissing inferred a high level of intimacy, I wasn’t sure. But whether it was the spasms of rapture holding my asshole open and flooding it with a torrent of ecstasy or whether it was an emotional need I do not know to this day. All I knew was that I needed to kiss him.
Instinctively I worried that I would be rebuffed and the truly embarrassing nature of what I was doing with this man would be revealed to me. I didn’t care. I ignored the tinge of mental discomfort and slowly I lowered my lips to his; to my great relief and elation I felt his arms around my back pulling me to him. I reached my destination and our lips met. It was very different than kissing a woman there was a certain assertiveness to his kiss. We kissed long and hard. It was as if I was slaking my thirst for some long remembered cool drink. I couldn’t stop. Instead of pulling away I began to hump him. Reciprocally he thrust his cock back against me. Our kiss became almost animalist and we began to grind our cocks against each others cocks and abdomens in a frenzy as our lips remained enmeshed.

We writhed all over the bed like crazed weasels. We danced a ritualistic dance that only two lust filled men can dance together; the music that inspired our rutting came not from a recording or any instruments but from a deeply intuitive place in our heads. Caressing, humping, grinding, thrusting and kissing, the dance reached the desperate crescendo that all such dances must reach. My crescendo was reached first as I felt the dam of my passion burst deep inside my anal canal. My prostate was full primed from the chains of mmos only moments earlier; it was shuddering in preparation to release. It was almost bursting.
The fuse of the orgasm burned to reach the orgasmic charge causing a shuddering explosion deep in my anal canal. My prostate contracted and pulsed and I released a long thick hot rope of cum onto his cock. As I rubbed against him I felt my hot wet slipperiness on his abdomen as pumped more and more and plowed through it on his skin. The heat of my release on his cock and belly in turn inspired his ejaculation. I felt his cock swelling and lurching as he pumped his load onto me.

The mingling of cum is something that I never thought about until that moment. It is vulgar, divine and deeply sensual. Cum is the expression of pleasure experienced. Two guys sharing sexual pleasure can only find themselves in the situation of spewing their cum on each other and mingling it to demonstrate this shared experience of pleasure.
This memory is what inspired my session this morning. It is exactly what happened. The memory of that first contact in that first liaison is still as arousing to me now as a memory as if it was a fantasy. This session this morning did not venture towards things of my imagination. I will leave those for another entry.

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  1. OMG im still having mmo's after i just got done reading this entry. Im so wet from pre cum and your story brought that out of me. Great entry man. I'm coming up on my year anniversary and if this is what I have to look forward to then I can't wait.

  2. ah, lingaman. the first time is special. mingling cum, drinking it, receiving it in the ass is so special, trully as intimate as two men can get.beautiful story. thanks.

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