My Fantasies

I don’t think I am different than most guys )or girls for that matter( in that fantasy plays a large role in my sex life, especially in MMO sessions. Just last night I had a very profoundly pleasurable session, mainly because I had not had a satisfying one in a week. In addition, as it took root I amplified it with a sensually lurid fantasy.

While many people might use fantasy when they make love to their partner, I do not. When I make love to my lady, it is the heat of being there in the moment with her, experiencing the intimate act through her and with her that makes it erotic. It would be counterproductive to imagine being with someone else.

Love making for me is a shared experience. For a love making session to be erotic I need to experience it with her; the emotional and physical sensations that she feels arouse me. I need to be connected with her.

My sex life became more expansive and complex after I was rewired, making love became a profoundly emotional experience, much more than it is a physical experience. In fact if my lady isn’t in the mood to make an emotional connection, we probably will kiss goodnight and call it quits or she will do a hand job on me and I will be happy.

We generally do not fuck, we make love. Fucking is a means of just experiencing sexual sensation. I use MMO as means to experience intense sexual – physical sensations; much more intense than fucking or making love.

An MMO session for me is an experience of transporting myself someplace where I am wrapped in warm sensual pleasure; fantasy is partly how I transport myself to this euphoric place. MMO is by its nature an inward solitary experience and the sensations that I feel isolate me from other people and reality. MMO requires that I seek out a quiet, peaceful place deep in my mind where I can immerse myself in sensation and the miraculous capacity for pleasure that I unleash from deep inside my body. Meditation and breathing and lurid fantasy are my primary means to open the door to that sexy inviting place.

When I find that quiet sensual sanctum deep inside of me, there in a dark corner hidden away in a locked box is my collection of fantasies. Like the cache of favorite porn dvds, vcr tapes and magazines )going back in time(, these mental fantasies have been collected over many years and aged like fine wine. No porno can come close to the fantasies in my mind as they are tailored just to my erotic proclivities. These fantasies are imagined, refined, and embellished and then they are put into storage to be retrieved when I want them. When I desire them I open the box and mull over the choices. Sometimes one thing might appeal to me, another time something else might.

The best of the best chosen at the right time will harden my prostate in moments and will raise my cock to stone heavy hardness so that launching into an MMO is easy. Then once I am launched, I will strategically use that fantasy or another one to sustain the relentless flow of orgasms and build up the resonance and richness of each successive wave.
Once the orgasms are flowing back to back and hardening in their resolve to extract pleasure from me, their intensity will deepen. When that happens, the fantasies become like booster rockets on the space shuttle, they are castoff. In the quiet dark mystery of the erotic recesses of my mind the euphoria of sensual pleasure holds me and lets me drift in the hazy dark quiet ecstatic vacuum. All that is there is my body, the rhapsodic vibrations of bliss that permeate my pelvis, perineum and cock over and over and over again and the soft sensual quiet.

So what are those fantasies that send me to this euphoric state? Some of them are so lurid and out of bounds for me that they will never happen. Others are so teasingly close to possible that just the thought that they could happen )even though they probably never will( is extremely arousing. Then there are those that with time, opportunity and bravery on my part might possibly happen someday. Regardless of which categories they are in they all work the same on me, they harden my cock, inspire my sensual mind and stir my arousal which guarantees earth shattering MMO’s. I will describe some, not all of them. Some of them I will save for another entry. I will not categorize the fantasies that follow in the above three groups, I will leave that for you to wonder. I will not give lengthy narratives of them either. I will leave those narratives for an erotic fiction anthology someday. I will just describe them in sufficient detail so that you can envision them in your own mind.

My wife having sex with another man / men: In this collection )and there are several iterations( my wife is surreptitiously having sex with other men. Sometimes it is one man, usually a friend or acquaintance that I like and respect. Sometimes there are multiple men sharing her, two sucking on her nipples one rimming her and the other doing oral on her. It is always in our bed and she is always brazenly displaying herself to their penetrating eyes and cocks. When she has cum several times and almost passes out in a state of post orgasmic exhaustion they all take turns on her fucking her until her vagina is overflowing with their cum while she lays in a stupor allowing them to fuck her repeatedly.

Sometimes I will imagine coming home from being on the road a day early when she is not expecting me. I walk into the house quietly to surprise her. Instead I am the one surprised when I quietly open the door to surprise her only to be surprised myself. I hear music playing on the stereo in our room and the music is punctuated by soft female moans that are unmistakably hers. Punctuating her erotic song I hear guttural grunts from a guy who is ruthlessly plowing her vagina with his prodigious cock, penetrating her and coaxing her to writhe in ruthless ecstasy as her vagina is wracked by orgasm after orgasm. I sneak upstairs and peer through the partly open door. I can see his large cock sliding effortless into her well lubed pussy with the rhythm of a fucking machine.

Her hole is stretched to the limit to accommodate his girth and her cum is coating his cock and drooling down her perineum. The room smells of the funk of hard sex, the scent of sex is a big part of this fantasy.

He is lying on top of her between her legs, her legs and arms are wrapped around him caressing his head the way she does mine. She is thrusting her pelvis up to meet his thrusts. She wants him and is holding him to her as he is rising and falling on her burying his cock deep inside her with each thrust. She is grunting as he pushes down on her. I am revolved, angry and insanely jealous but I am also incredibly aroused to see this stranger enjoying the pleasure that I imagined was available only to me. She screams as his cock pries a shattering orgasm from her. She shakes and shudders as the orgasmic explosion erupts from her pussy. When she screams he stiffens his body and aches his back, pressing his cock deeper into her. He lets his own climax go and he pours his hot cum into her bathing her cervix with his semen.

Sex education: I am led into a room of college aged girls )I am naked and flaccid(. I have a mask on my face. The teacher, who is a ravishing woman herself, leads me in. Each girl is asked to come up and suck my cock to just before the point of inevitability. This causes a stream of pre cum to ooze from me. Each girl must suck me and get a tongueful of my sweet pre cum. After the whole class has had a turn, groups of girls will take turns coming up to feel me up, kiss me, suck my nipples and finger fuck my asshole as I lay on a table. I am out of my mind with desire from all the feminine hands, lips, fingers and tongues that are lavishing every inch of my body. After an hour of this teasing my cock is as hard and heavy as granite and it is dripping with desire.

The teacher then takes her clothes of and straddles me on the table in the front of the classroom as I lay there. She parts her lips and grasps my cock pointing it at her juicy opening. My cock is hardened and desperate to enter her. She tells me that she is going to fuck her in front of the entire class, but she teases me. She lowers herself onto my cockhead and uses my precum to lube her clit. She then begins to rotate her pelvis in circles using my swollen cockhead to rub on her clit. She stops every so often and tries to force her clit into the slit in my cockhead. I lay there between her legs and struggle to penetrate her by lifting my pelvis to push into her. Like a skilled matador she dodges and my thrusts are into thin air. After she has teased me as long as she wanted to she lowers her pussy to lodge my swollen cockhead at her sodden opening . Her vagina is tight but her outer lips are lush, they cover my cockhead.

She pushes down on me causing the inner lips of her pussy to part as my cock forces its way into the mouth of her sex. Like a sword swallower her pussy opens wide and accepts my flesh saber. Sinking into her is like the sensation of sliding my cock into warm wet velvet. She shudders in acknowledgement of the pleasure penetration elicits in her cunt.

I drill her until she is out of her mind with lust. The girls all drop their pants and masturbate as they watch us; there is a chorus of orgasmic squeaks as they all cum. The teacher screams as a powerful orgasm consumes her.
Oral on a woman: I have a collection of a half dozen women that I know well who I would love to perform oral on, secretly they all fell the same way and have signed up to have me do them. They are all in their own private hotel rooms in the same hotel. They check into the room at an appointed hour. I spend the whole day being a cunnilingus slave to them all. Some are family friends, some are internet friends, some are neighbors, some are random girls I know and some are personal friends.

Sex With a Guy: I meet a good looking guy through work. He is 20 years younger than me and exceedingly handsome and sexy. We arrange to meet and we spend several days together alone in a hotel. After a sexy rubdown and a hand job with warm lotion that gets his cock to full erection I stroke his cock slowly and sensually. I massage his balls and his perineum and I tease his asshole with my finger. I lower my mouth to his cock and tease the slit in his cock with my tongue, using the tip of my tongue to lap the pre cum that is oozing from his cock hole. I stop before he is going to cum. I want to save his cum for my asshole.

I might lay on top of him, between his legs cock to cock with my balls resting on his. We caress and I kiss him,. We press cockheads triggering cascading MMO’s in both us. Our embrace becomes firmer and firmer as MMO orgasms flood both our assholes. We kiss desperately which fuels the mmo to climb to an excruciating level. After we have layed in sensual rapture for an interminably long time and my aus in buzzing and tingling from an hour of MMO we slowly begin to hump each other until I release hot cum all over his cock.

After I have emptied my balls I lie on the bed next to him and raise my knees to my chest, exposing my asshole to him. He drops to his knees and buries his tongue deep in my asshole. I imagine the heat of his mouth and the firmness of his tongue on my exposed pink man cunt. After I am squirming in readiness to be fucked he stands up and coats his finger with lube from the nightstand next to the bed. He then puts a finger inside of my asshole to stretch me open and he teases my prostate. I am relishing the sensation of his finger and my asshole responds with involuntary spasms on his finger. They feel so pleasurable, I sense the door to my secret euphoric place is being opened up. His finger deep in my asshole has unlocked the door and he is about to enter me.

I feel his cockhead which is coated with my own cum pressing on my asshole. I am open and hot so there is no resistance. I feel him penetrating me. He is sinking deeper and deeper into me. I am desperate to swallow him. I beg him to fuck me.
I should note here that usually at this point I actually am in the deepest and most intense MMO orgasmic convulsions. I imagine that the sensations I feel are caused by his cock. I am usually at a peak of MMO orgasms at this point.

Most of the time I do these sessions in hotel rooms and I always ask for a room at the end of a hallway. I do this so I can make noise and not be self conscious. I imagine that someone may still hear me, and that makes it all the hotter.

I will tell my imaginary guy )out loud( that I want to be fucked and how I want to be fucked. I will intone it over and over and breathe heavily as I beg to be fucked. I will actually vocalize and describe in lurid detail what he is doing to me and how it feels. The more I talk the more outrageous the fantasy becomes. Sometimes I imagine men or women sucking my nipples as I flick them with my fingers, while I am being fucked by this stiff long cock. Vocalizing makes this fantasy incredibly effective. This one is almost always guaranteed to make me orgasm for an hour straight with small respites in between.

I fantasize that I cum many times while he is penetrating me. Explosions of white hot lust are thundering inside me. The pleasure packed shock waves of the orgasms make me tremble and quiver. I look up into his eyes through the haze of my own rapture and I can tell that he is ready to unload in me. When I fell his cockhead swell up in the moment before he lets loose with ropes of his hot cum inside my man cunt, I squeeze his cock hard and he groans in acknowledgement. I then feel the exquisite sensation of his cock swelling and pumping a stream of his thick warm cum deep into my asshole. I hold his cock with an iron grip deep inside my asshole sucking the cum from him. I relish the sensation of his cock pulsing firmly and filling my canal as I drain him of his cum.

So those are a few of my fantasies and a few realities too !!! LOL. Try and figure out which are real !! They all work really well. I will not conclude this entry with a nice neat ending as I may add to it in the future. But I wonder … what kind of fantasies to you have readers? Share them here as comments.



  1. BRAVO! Fantasy is infinite and delicious.
    And, yes, perhaps the only label we will ever need
    is HumanSexual. Go Dude!!

  2. Wow you have a way of really captivating your readers. My cock is bulging so much trying to get some action from reading that. But I am also a fantasizing guy. My mine can go to many crazy places when I'm in the mood.

    I work at a day care and there is a father that comes to drop his son off every morning before work. Since it's been cold his body has been hidden by scarfs and bubble coats. But come Spring time he will be back in his skin tight white dress shirt and tight butt hugging slacks giving all the viewing eyes a look at the marvelous body.

    I would have to drop by his place to give back a toy his child has left and it was in dyer need. I slightly knock to a house of just him with a smile on his face wrapped in a towel dripping wet. He sees the lust in my eyes and drags me inside. We begin to kiss very passionately. I rub his body as he rips my clothes to get to mine. We end up on the couch and me on top attacking his nipples and him finger f#cking my hole. I give him the ok to enter and we begin our journey to utopia. Time flys when your in the heat of passions and were both out of breathe smiling.

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