first success – Super T without hands

I tried several toys in the past with low success but also low engagement. My experiences weren't very good and that's why I want to reassure people with this blog.

Problems I had:
– don't feeling much, when the toy is inserted.
– Unability of deep relaxation
– bad conscience
– don't taking enough time

Despite these problems I achieved my first success yesterday. Although not everything was perfect!
I have to admit, that I'm not the guy who falls in deep relaxation and trance. I also cannot make myself free of all expectations, because that would be "self-lieing". The only thing I’m doing this is intensify my sexual life and of course I have expectations at the toy!
Despite this two things which are very prejudicial for success, I achieved a Super-T. So keep calm and don't think everything has to be perfect for having success ;)

Differences I noticed to normal orgasms:
-no penile located feelings
-more intense
-another sort of arousal which is hidden by normal penetration
– 3 times long as normal orgasm
– light shivering at the whole body after session
– aftermath of that feelings till the next day

Another thing which was in a different way from most of the "how to's" is that I build my rectal arousal by pulling the toy as deep as possible into my rectum (of course all without any hand-use).
However, it took it's time but I felt anal arousal. I really felt another kind of arousal in my body which could be discovered. It's not that easy to maximize this feelings because body and mind have to work together, which is the main contrast to normal penetration.

Things I did to prepare the session:
– shaving my whole geniteral area (from the abdomen over the perineum and the ass)
– washing my rectum with an "anal-douche"
– getting aroused through porn
– taking all important tools together: towel, tissues, lube, the toy, small mirror
– preparing my phone to play the "Hypnaerosession" (that’s was good, because only the power of my mind hadn’t reached

problems I had in the session:
– repeating urge to urinate
– drying lube
– no ability to really relax because I'm a stressed guy ;)

Finding the prostate was a big problem for me. I had the impression there must be a point (like a small button) where to push, which causes the feelings. But that's not the case. Now I have the opinion it has to be "awaked" for causing feelings at all. Many people may do not need this awakening because their prostate is already sensitive enough.
For those who aren't I have these tips:
– forget the imagination that it's like pushing a button
– maybe try to locate it with your thumb (lying on the stomach) by masturbating. !Short before! ejaculating it will buldge and then you have it.
– do several sessions with the toy, even if you don't feel much! After a few *real sessions you will notice something.

*take the time and consider all advice in the Wiki and so on!

If you have any advice for me, please put it in the comments, I'm thankful for it ! ;) This entrys will not contain any esoteric techniques and I want to describe all as clear as possible.



  1. Nice to read your post.
    Can u tell to a slow learner how long you have riden before this first success ?

  2. I'm not quite sure about what you exactly mean with "riding". In this session it took for about 45 minutes till I noticed first feelings caused by the toy. In general I practised 2 years with some anal play here and there but not very serious. If you're beginning to do the session )!(right)!(, it may takes 2-3 tries to awake this region )my experience(.

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