Aneros Foreplay with Jockstraps and Athletic Cups

Hi guys,

Those who know me at Aneros Forum, or have chatted with me in Aneros Chat, or have read my blog here know that I have an intense jock and cup fetish which began in puberty when I had to buy a jockstrap for 7th grade PE.

Sexual arousal is key for successful Aneros sessions in the same way it is for sexual intercourse or masturbation. In a way, one could say that Anerosing is intense male masturbation.

I have two favorite jock/cup combos which serve as prime ingredients for Aneros foreplay for me:

The first is the All-Star Shock Jock Cup with Supporter combo:

The workmanship in this cup and supporter is awesome. The cup supporter provides strong, rugged support for the genitals. The cup itself is a banana cup giving complete coverage to a guy's "junk" and his perineum. I like how the cup and supporter massages in a sweet fashion my perineum as I breathe lightly and shallowly. Actually this combo floats in rhythm over my cock and balls. The All-Star Shock Jock Cup with Supporter combo is a powerful tool in my Aneros foreplay arsenal. You can get this product rather cheaply at Epic Sports. You also can get both the cup jock and the athletic cup as separate components at the same store.

The second athletic cup in my Aneros foreplay arsenal is the Nutty Buddy Cup invented by MLB great Mark Littell:

This cup as suggested by Mark Littell can be worn in layers. It is worn often in the pouch of an ordinary jockstrap over a pair of compression shorts or a mid-length boxer brief. Again the cup floats with your every move and massages your perineum while protecting your manhood.

The Nutty Buddy Athletic Cup in the last year has gone nationwide, even worldwide in stores as well as marketed on the Net. It is awesome as a supreme erotic tool!

Mark Littell is getting ready to market a camouflage
Nutty Buddy, called the NuttyBuddy Ballistic Cup for the military, swat teams, and police and security. However, he wants to charge $295 for it. Check it out:

Of course, Aneros foreplay, even with jocks and cups, for me is powered by erotic breathing, nipple stimulation, and even sweet f**k nothings whispered even as I approach my Aneros Team now for serious action!

Take care!

P.S. Aneros unfortunately does not hyperlink the links for the cups and jocks posted in this entry. You'll have copy and paste the links in your web browser. Or just Google search terms for these items.

P.S. II. I have written this blog entry for chuckjo2000 who in Aneros chat yesterday morning expressed an interest in learning about this fetish and its relationship to my Anerosing.



  1. I can also remember 'having' to tell my dad, 'I need to get umm…you know, one of those 'things' for gym…' I guess I associated it with becoming more of a man, and even though the selection at the local drug store in 1968 was 'zero', we picked out my first jock strap for 7th grade P.E. I dont know how strong my association with a jock strap and erotica goes, but I can remember taking to my bedroom that day, trying it on, and thinking, 'Wow, this is really neat!'…lol Chuck

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