Take Me Higher

Hey guys. Back again with another crazy ride. I wasn one of my crazy breaks from riding and cumming again. 8 long nasty horny days of not cumming. But I did play around in my ass a lot. Like for me after a hard days work I just like to take a nice hot shower and just dig up there and play around. I was in the chat a few days ago and we were conversing about finsting. I brought up that I had tried it once with a past lover and loved it. So this past week I was able to stick there fingers up there and with all three massaging my prostate I was really able to have a nice happy ending dry orgasm. It really calms me down.

But yesterday was my due date to releae the juices. The parents were gone so you no i went and got cleaned up and ready. Even though I havent played with my vice very long it still is a nice buy but i wanted to spend some quality time with Mr. Ice. (he actually is named after a aneros user but i don't want to put him out there)

I had on my favorite cum stained jock strap that i keep hidden and lubed up my ass and just layed there as a rouch london voice barked orders at me from my ipod. (its a tumblr blog called Britishfilth and he has audios of himself cumming and having sex and they really turn me on) Before I inserted I was already having a less. The waves just ran through me and it felt oh so good. I finally stuck him in and fireworks shot through my eyes. My back arched and a single tear escaped my right eye. It was beautiful that we were connecting again.

As my legs are lifted from the pillow up under me i just thrust my hips as if a hot man is digging deep inside my boyhole. Moans escape mymouth as i pull my legs back further. Its dancing inside me just sending gentle touches to my prostate that has me in a zoned out state. I can't hear anything but his voice and the room and me are both sweating in this 9 degrees room that now feels like a sauna. My dick is begging to break free but its not time fore him yet. But the pouring of pre cum is saying other wise.

I dont even take it off i just slip my dick out from the side and let my big cum filled balls hang. My hard erect dick is now flapping around from the third full body orgasm that I am having. I feel like i have to cum but just more pre cum is splashing out all over my already wet and dirty jock strap. I love that i can be this nasty and fithy. More moaning, more of rubbing my perinium and then my nipps want some action. Oh I don't think I can take much more & i haven't even touched my dick yet. Then I hear the lonaon man to tell me to touch my self. I obey his orders.

I begin to rub my aready hard wet dick. With just a few strokes I begin to fill my juices build up. But I dont want to cum yet. I wanted it to last. I love to edge before a long awaited cum shot. But I made my body wait for to long. 3 more long hard stroes on my hard stiff erect 7 inch black dick and my juices escaped my body and landed all over me. On my chest, my arms, legs and lastly my already cum filled jock strap. I loved it. I scooped up some just to get a nice taste and then rubbing the rest back into my skin. I'm such a horn dog but Aneros has brought that out of me. I love taking these breaks. it cleanes me but also teaches me indurance.

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  1. I love that you can let yourself be a horn dog! I relate! I also love that you blog your experiences with the raw sensuality that you do. You bring in the details of your session which serve to chronicle your experience as well as to generously your reader. Nice job. It makes me feel alive.

  2. Should read "… generously stimulate your reader," but can't find a way to edit my comment.

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