First possible Anerosless Super-O last night!

Hi guys,

I may have had my first Anerosless Super-O last night. I believe that this Aneros blessing is a consolation for the excessively cold weather we've had here in recent weeks.

Yesterday morning my apartment was very cold due to temps in the teens, even though my radiators were running full blast. The icy conditions caused me to bring my session to a sudden end before I could have some quality time with Progasm Classic in the fetal position on my futon.

Fortunately early last evening, there was abundance heat which made my apartment comfortable. I went to bed shortly after ten last night and fell into a restorative deep sleep.

About three or so this morning I awoke to what felt like an Anerosless Super-O! Warm sexual energy was coming from my groin, but the center for all this was my buzzing prostate. This warm sexual energy came from that area in waves which suffused my body.
The amazing thing was that in my semi-dormant state was able to control my sphincters and musculature surrounding my prostate and ancillary organs!

This may happen more and more in the future outside of sessions! But oh, would that Super-O's and MMO's happen in my sessions for sure soon!!!

[Blog entry composed with Tempo inserted and autof**king away!!!]

Take care!



  1. 3:00AM and 4:00AM are the times I waken when I sleep with my Progasm Classic caressing my prostate )as you call it "autof**king away"(, and it may be FBO or even HFWO. I have slept anerose-less, not riding )or should I say without my Pro riding my man gland( the past few nights, and have actually not ridden at all the past 48 hours, as I felt I being overstimulated. Nonetheless I am having events similar to that you describe, and it's indeed wonderful.

    Thanks for posting.

    Your brother in hedonism.
    – rip

  2. Thank you for your comment, RipTheJacker.

    What I experienced last night was very much a chance happening. Perhaps it is a harbinger for greater events in Aneros happenings in the future! I do not know though.


  3. huh? my similies are coming out as nonsmiles hmm maybe if i type it backwards *:)

  4. There! srry BG i wish i could delete my erranous comments, but again Congratulations!

  5. Hi Trei,

    Thank you for your congratulations and for your support and friendship.

    I gather you have your Aneros sessions late at night after you go to bed. Yes?

    Once the cold winter temps here moderate into warmer spring temps, I am going to experiment sleeping with my Aneros. Recently I discovered for sure that I can Aneros very effectively by sleeping on my right side in the fetal position.

    Take care,


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