Two is better then 1

So the weather is getting pretty bad here in the midwest. So that mean off days and a crowded house wiith no fun time to myself. But today was a lucky day. My patrents wen out to dinner which left me hours of free time. So to treat myself I decided to ride two toys today. The Progasm Ice & the Device. Oh how I misse them so much inside me. The way they move and hit my sweet spot so good.

Instead of starting on my back I start with my progasm ice in the doggy style position. For the first 40 minutes i just rode the waves and MMO'ed til i couldn't take anymore. My dick was growing and throbbing for my touch. I began to edge my long throbbing dick as I ack up on my progasm ice. Edging while riding can reall send you on a trip to blissvile. I am still on a no cumming strike but so many times i wanted to just explode all my juices to the floor and let them flow. As I'm bucking back moaning and grabbing my hard dick i can feel the pre cum just ooze out of me.

Stage two. Mr. Vice. I still haven't really rode him that much to give him a yay or nay yet. But today i gave him a good go. He showed me he wants to be my firend to the end and gave me the ride of my life. With my legs shaking and trimbling I ended up in my bed in the fital position. (on my right side with my right leg out and my left leg bent. This rising energy just filled me and i just became this emotional orgasming fool. I began to cry out in pure bliss and started to grope myself while still trying to edge and then my ass was getting wet from all the lube and natural juces that was being mixed together.

I was in such a zoned out state that the only way i could stop my session was if someone intervened. I got so carried away that i ended up shooting the vice out of me. It went clear across muy room. It took me a mintue to catch my breathe after that. Today was a good day.



  1. Very good entry. One user )AneRico( described the smaller models as delivering jolts of pleasure while the large ones instigated emotions such as love, it could be due to the thickness of the large models rubbing against and stimulating the anal walls more thoroughly, thus giving a whole/full feeling maybe resembling a hug but my theory is far-fetched at the moment.

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