Partnered MMO Part One

This journey that I have been on for the last 18 years has been so rich and varied. It has also been internally focused and driven by me. I have shared my experiences with my wife and she has benefited from my enhanced ability to perform sexually and my newly attuned ability to coax shuddering orgasms from her lust dripping pussy.

To achieve each new step I took, I read and studied. I read all kinds of books about ESO and ejaculation retention; I dabbled in Zen and meditation, and in tantra. I am by no means accomplished in any of the eastern psycho – spiritual skills, but I have been informed and guided by them. I have always been a thoughtful – introspective person about my work and my experience of the world. When I embarked on this sexual journey I applied the thoughtfulness that I put into gazing at a beautiful sunset into my experience of sexual pleasure. When my sexual self discovery was beginning to resonate and illuminate a path for me I looked inside myself and I followed the path. I applied the intuitive prowess I applied every day at work to my sexuality and my sexual response. It was transcendent, transformational, tumultuous and a lot of other T words like terrific.

It all came to a crescendo 8 years ago when after discovering Aneros and reading the forum )there was no chat room then( listening, asking questions, experimenting and failing I finally succeeded having Dry Male Multiple Orgasms 6 months after I started. My sexuality opened up the night that I had my first MMO; a sensual erotic door opened and I walked through it.

MMO’s were a solitary experience for me. I often compare them to learning to surf when I talk to newbies. It was hard to get my balance and stay on the board yet alone catch the waves that gathered in me. It was a tricky process for me to master; it required a lot of concentration, body awareness and mind – body connection that I did not have when I started, but eventually I gained it. Now, after 8 years they are second nature and the intense pleasure they bring comes much easier.

Beyond the mental concentration required to make an MMO happen there is a lot of muscular control required; I also needed to learn to sense and differentiate subtle feelings in my pelvis, anus, perineum and cock and learn how to guide them. I was one of the fortunate ones in MMO in that when I had my first MMO I did not cum. Somehow my body understood the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and was able to experience one with out the other. I did not need to learn how to limit or shutdown ejaculation and just focus on the orgasm. In 8 years I have never ejaculated during a session regardless of how intense the pleasure was or how deep the orgasm the reached into me to pluck the strings of my ecstasy.

In the last three or four years that I have become particularly accomplished at inducing MMO’s by thought and contraction, without an Aneros and I do a “less” session almost every night. I think of my less sessions as slow, lugubrious and resonant while my Aneros sessions are shrill and desperately intense. Prior to the session I will shortly describe, I have only had an MMO with my wife present twice. On one occasion she was nothing more than a passive participant, turning me on by her witness. On the other she was involved with an occasional pat and comment of encouragement.

Having her with me was a bit of a ditraction; I was self concious and aware that I was ignoring her needs. Those mental diversions blocked my own pleasure. However over time, as I became more accomplished her witness of my intense sustained orgasm became powerful fuel for my exhibitionist tendencies. I learned to channel those exhibitionist leanings to extinguish my self consciousness. Having her watch me provided the motivation for two nice sessions, but they were not as hard and deep as some I have had alone. But the transformational session I am about to describe changed all that.

This particular night we were home and we were not pressed to do anything but sit and relax. It was a quiet Saturday night. After a few glasses of wine J was feeling really relaxed. Significantly before the time when we go up to bed she kissed me passionately on my neck and gave me that look that said very clearly, lets go up to bed. After 40 years I can read her signals like she was a lighthouse on a clear summers evening. We wound up upstairs in our room spending a wonderful hour or so of foreplay that included many of her favorite things. She was so relaxed and turned on that she let down her guard and submitted herself to my unlimited stimulation. I got her into the large recliner in the corner of our room and semi reclined her without the foot rest up.

Parting her legs I lowered my warm wet tongue to dip into her aching pussy hole with painstaking patience, dipping my tongue into the open mouth of her dripping hair lined cup to drink her nectar and flick her passion hardened clit with the pointed firm tip of tongue. I suckled her erect clit between my lips and massaged it with the rough surface of my tongue as she held my head to her dripping lips. As she humped my face and moaned loudly she succumbed to two very deep orgasms.

The second orgasm was harder than the first one as I was able to suspend her arousal and keep her from descending into a recharge period by inserting my finger in her orgasm dilated pussy mouth and massage her G spot as I sucked and massaged her clit with my tongue. At the crescendo of the second orgasm she was shuddering as her pussy lips twitched and contracted rythmically with the waves of bliss that rushed into her parted lips in a torrent. She does not squirt but she oozes profusely when she cums hard; she drooled a large pool of cum onto the chair. Needless to say she was a dishrag when all was done.

Ordinarily when I finish her orally, ending in a deep orgasm she will dutifully jump up and offer to do oral on me or climb into bed and open her legs to accept me. But this time I seized the moment and began to massage her feet to keep her relaxed and in place. It worked foot massage on her is hypnotic. …she was so lazy and warm from the orgasms that she relinquished her guilt and just laid there and drifted in and out of the post orgasmic haze as my hands wrapped around her feet and my long fingers probed her soles.

After a while she was semi asleep in the recliner. I left her to go wash up. As is always the case when I service her will my mouth I had a raging erection that was dripping a stream of precum. When I came back to the bedroom she had transitioned to the bed and was waiting for me.
Climbing into bed with her brought one of those moments of closeness and devotion that feels so warm and blissful that we came together in a kiss that took my breath away and made my heart race. The intimacy and emotion in that kiss was amazing. We kiss a lot. Some kisses are perfunctory and some are so deep and sensual that they are like white heat, searing my consciousness and making my cock harden to stone … this was one of those.

That kiss ignited a passion for her in me that quickly turned into an inferno. While the erotic part of me wanted to fuck her hard and fast, the sensual part of me wanted this moment to last forever. The tug of war inside my brain manifested itself in a growing weight of lust pulling on my cock. From somewhere in the tantric recesses of my memory thoughts of an exhibitionistic and emotional connection with her surfaced. I decided that this might be the time to see if I could make an MMO work with her participation; as she lay in my arms in the sultry solitude of our mutual nakedness, I quietly suggested it to her. Being the responsive sex partner that she is she enthusiastically said yes. I got up and went to the closet where my Aneros backpack is stored and opened it up.

Without any deliberation I took out my Eupho; its my favorite.

Wordlessly I lay on the bed on my back, reached over to open the drawer in the nightstand and took out the lube and a condom. I unrolled the condom on the Eupho and held the condom open as I squirted a teaspoon of the lube into it. I considered putting it in myself but instead laid back and placed the loaded rubber on the nightstand.

Before I could lay back her face was at my chest. She knows the erotic landscape of my body as well as I do. While I was sitting up on the bed she lowered her lips to my left nipple, she knows it is the more responsive one. As she sucked my nubbin into the warmth of her mouth I felt the heavy calming burden of sensual peace descend on me. I lay back and surrendered to her will.

I could feel erotic calm caressing and calming my brain, as it robbed my limbs of all their will to move or do anything. The sweet bliss of having my nipple suckled seem to hold me firmly to the bed, as if I was in heavy restraints. Yet as the lazy calm of warm tender sensation radiated from my nipple that same sensation was exerting a different impact on my already heavy cock. I felt erotic desire tugging and pulling on my aching prigid penis

It was as if she was a snake charmer mouthing a reedy oboe like instrument that was my nipple. Indeed the suckling – tonguing of my nipple had hardened it like the reed of an oboe. The silent music of her suckling musical performance was rippling through my body, hardening my cock and my prostate simultaneously. As a result of my rewiring my nipple is literally hard wired to my cock and prostate.

I could feel my prostate hardening and tingling as the sensation of her feminine mouth embraced my now aching nipple. I looked lovingly at her as if I was saying goodbye and laid back to succumb to the riotous quiet that was filling my body.

Despite her arduous orgasm in the recliner she still smelled sweet and sexy, maybe more so as a result of the hard orgasms she had. She was so sensual and soft. Although neither of us said anything she knew what I was thinking. She put one hand under my balls and embraced my heavy sac while she put the other hand behind my head and stroked the side of my head, running her fingers through my hair.

Soon I found myself lost in the luxurious warmth of her feminine attention, the scent of her sopping pussy and her sensuality filled my nostrils. My mind was buzzing and my prostate was rigid to the point that the familiar whisper of pending pleasure was ever so subtly making my penis twitch and the hardened gland deep inside of me throb.

I felt warm, loved and most of all I felt that I belonged to her. I gave up any semblance of control and gave the responsibility for my MMO to her. This was truly a milestone for me. As she stroked my head I lay still in the bed and sank into a deep warm pool of rising rapture. That erotic rapture was soaking into my skin and intoxicating me and I openly accepted it. I did not pursue it, instead I lay there and let it find me.

My prostate was soaking up erotic energy it like a dry sponge absorbs water. In a matter of moments my cock went familiarly numb and I was shocked to rational thought for a moment. I thought to myself that I was on the path to launching an SDO in her arms, it was actually happening, I couldn’t believe it! I struggled to not get distracted, maintain a relaxed state and surrender to the pleasure wave that I knew would soon build. She relinquished my nipple and moved her lips to my own and gave me the coup de grace , a kiss that was so sweet and soulful I lost any remaining resolve I had.

Then as i lay in thesolitude inside my head she was suddenly gone. I opened my eyes to see her reach for the Aneros on the nightstand. She picked it up and crawled to station herself between my knees. Nudging my legs apart she told me to lift my knees to my chest. As I did I exposed my tingling anus to her. I felt her fingers part the base of my crease as she gently placed the tip of the Eupho against my warm opening. Then I felt the gradual pressure of it against the hole which was followed by the cold intrusion of penetration. The sensation of fullness grew in my anus as she slid the devise further into me. Then she seated the abutment tab against my golden spot.

With the aplomb of a gifted musician returning to her part in the symphony after a 4 measure rest she resumed the suckling of my nipple. Then ever so subtly I felt a very – very mild flicker of the beginning of a pleasure wave heating up my prostate. It was alike a flame licking and teasing a marshmallow over a campfire, turning it into a crispy sweet treat. As the heat of her sensual flame danced over the pink softness of my quivering gland, it hardened and contracted as the sweet clear froth oozed slowly from my cockslit.

I struggled to maintain control and focus on what I was feeling. I tried to follow the sensations and breathe deeply into them to reinforce them, panting and gasping in the effort. My mind bounced back and forth between the enraptured sensation of her love surrounding me and the glowing cinder of pending MMO that was burning deep in my anus.

I focused on relaxing and letting the pleasure wave build at its own pace, not wanting to force it. So I lay there as she held me in her mouth while I moaned quietly. The glowing pleasure got hotter and hotter and my heart began to race. The delightful anguish of orgasmic tension was filling my anus and rectum. As the heat grew, the divine pressure of the wave behind it was making itself known. I breathed and shuddered as I tried desperately to meditate, relax and give my body the freedom to do what it could do. I struggled to keep from clenching my buttocks. It was like drowning. I knew that the pleasure would be deeper and most intense if I relaxed and gave the voluntary contraction that would come the room to express itself So in my mind I focused on the desperately sweet sensation that seemed to be flicking at my prostate; it was building inside of me at a faster and faster pace. I planted that image in my mind and struggled to remain calm.

The Aneros was now fucking me on its own propelled by my involuntaries. It was becoming hard to stay still. I gasped and stiffened and embraced her head on my chest as the pleasure wave reached such intensity that I thought I might lose control and cum. I focused my energy on my prostate. Then my rectum began to flutter and spasm and my prostate began to rhythmically pump in a slow and regular pattern.

I focused on the deliriously pleasurable sensation of the orgasmic pumping. In my mind I embraced it and coaxed it. I gave myself over to it and extracted every bit of pleasure from each pumping spasm as it squeezed me. Still struggling to relax and let the contractions have their way with me, I felt the pumping speed up and the exquisite sensation of pleasure continue to build with each pumping spasm.

The spasms just kept coming and coming growing in intensity with each one as I stiffened in her arms. She stroked my head as if she could soothe the anguish that filled me. Instead her ministration added to the intensity of the pleasure that was agonizing me.

The spasms were now coming rapid fire and the glowing pleasure that was wrapped around my prostate had turned it to a white hot pulsing inferno that would not be controlled any more. After a dozen back to back spasms jammed up against each other, the spasms suddenly released me and

I felt myself go into that wonderfully desperate freefall that usually signals ejaculation. But as I was falling the sensation of exquisitely sweet and rapturous joy was blowing on me, as I had trained myself the ejaculation never came. Instead halfway down, instead of cumming I felt the spasms started again with a vengeance. Soon they were ramping me up to another climax.

Before the first pleasure wave crashed and waned I was climbing another one.

The subsequent pleasure waves were more intense than the ones that preceeded them. They were cascading all around me like a furious hurricane, whipping my insides with torrid ecstasy. The speed of the spasms and their sweet anguish made me grasp onto her back trying to keep from getting sucked into a whirlpool of sexual oblivion. I held her tightly as the deep and hard freefall of the next cluster of orgasms tried to pull me from her. Then again instead of waning I was sucked into the next pleasure wave. The spasms pulled me from pleasure wave to pleasure.

Then as the spasms jammed together and shrieked in a cacophony of desperate ecstasy, I felt the sweet desperation of orgasmic freefall again.

I was losing all sense of time and place. It didn’t matter whether she was there or not, she was not a distraction anymore. I envisioned her holding me, and I was nothing more than a vessel of sexual energy. The reassurance of her sensual softness mouth fanned the flames of my passion and the intense orgasms her passion inspired.

I clung to her desperately to keep from drowning in the pool of my own rapture; thundering orgasms were now crashing over me in the fury of unbridled sexual sensation. She held me down as she sucked the passion from my rigid tit, as the cycle repeated and repeated.

I had hundreds of orgasms as my cock was lurching with each orgasmic spasm and drooling a long string of precum. She kept whispering sexy comments around my nipple in her mouth s she held the nipple between her teeth. The pleasure / pain of her bite on my nipple urgied me on as the torrent of pleasure made me shudder on the bed before her. Her erotic commentary was adding intensity to the delightful agony that was burning a path up my rectum and into my soul.

It was an hour later, when she relinquished me from her sweet torture. My prostate was throbbing and my rectum was sore from contracting in sympathy with each orgasm as it repeatedly sucked on the Aneros .

Even with my nipple freed from the agonizing pleasure of her mouth the spasms continued to build, and ebb; they refused to let go of me.

In surrender, I raised my head to her lips and kissed her. It was a silent acquiescence that I was done. I felt the spasms reluctantly recede like the tide. Her pussy was a slimy mess from my precum. We were both sweating and exhausted. My cock was still rock hard but it was aching in its need to be released from erection.

So as we lay there with no elegance or grace she grasped my cock and began to tug and squeeze. After four or five minutes of vigorous pulling and squeezing the rope of white hot cream spewed from me, arcing high in the air and splashing on my belly. It was masturbation of desperation and nothing else. There was no tenderness, no visions of sensuality, just the desperate need to empty my aching turgid gland and give it relief.

This was the first partnered MMO I ever received. This one was followed by others; the story of those will follow in subsequent posts.



  1. I am speechless … wordless … entrapped in my own arousal.
    Thanks mate.
    The kinship I feel with you is both carnal … and spiritual.

    – rip

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