Chat Inspiration: Morning Coffee

Comment during chat session other day got me thinking:

"I love how we contain our bursting sexual mayhem when ordering coffee at Starbucks."

On the way to work. Standing in line at the Buck for morning cup ‘o 4-buck joe. Squirming in my business suit as my buried Progasm ICE is works me over. I’m trying not to show it, but I’m melting inside out. I’m next in line, just a little longer! The Progasm’s fullness and hard prostate pressure are so wonderful. Auto-contractions kick in .

I’m breaking down, can’t contain the fire within. It spreads to my whole body and a soft moan escapes my lips. Some in line look at me, but I don’t care. It’s all about my inner pleasure now. I nurture it and do my best to push the energy all over my body as I bear down hard on my Progasm. I’m visibly trembling now.

OMG! Orgasm is here! My whole body tenses, a giant Tsunami wave builds higher and higher with my ecstasy. My whole body tenses. I audibly whimper my submission to pleasure.

Strange, I can feel my muscles not just tensing, but flexing and growing. They strain against the suit fabric. I hang on the edge; the anticipation is so delicious…

OH YES! OH YES!! OHHHH! I explode from inside out in extreme ecstasy. The orgasm is so violent and wonderful. As I let go, I cry out, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

It’s so powerful my body cannot contain the powerful energy. My muscles surge and burst through the suit fabric which is sent flying in tatters!!
Arched back with cock proudly jutting out in front, I shout my joy to the heavens as my naked body spasms. My whole body continues to swell with the pure orgasmic energy. Muscles spasming, rippling, growing. My cock extending, throbbing, extending, throbbing. OH MORE!! Precum bursts from my pulsating head in long clear steams coating the women in front of my, the cute barista, and the counter.

MORE! MORE! MORE! My grounded body greedily inhales mother earth’s energy as I feast on the sensations, the giant tsunami has past, but tidal waves of pleasure continue to pound me and fill every piece and parcel of my body with pure bliss. I’m a man in full! A totally chiseled naked orgasmic Aneros Hulk shouting, crying, shaking, and orgasming.

Finally, my body has had its fill and slowly I start to descend from heaven back to the real world. The sights and sounds of the buck start to fill my senses. Everyone is frozen staring at the Super O Monster… Me! No worries, lady Aneros, my entombed Progasm, continue to treat me well!

Somewhat back to a calm state, I look at my body and see I’m a total Aneros stud with a raging cock and feelings starting to develop deep inside again. Gingerly I walk up to the counter, “Uh, no coffee for me, but how about a big glass of water?”



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