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Yesterday I did my sixt session. Mostly I practice every fourth day so that there are 3 full days between a session. Often this fails because I have no time or aren't in the mood. So I had two weeks of abstinence between my last two sessions.

And I experienced the benefits of that! What this was I will describe a few lines later.

The first (right done) Aneros session I did, I experienced a Super-T (wrote a blog entry to that). All other sessions were similar, because I always ended up with a Super-T. The quality of the first Super-T was the best and reaching Super-T’s all the time began to bore me.
But yesterday I broke the wall of Super T's and gained a new level ;)
Instead of lying on the stomach or back, I spontaneous decided to do something new and chose the position lying on the side with the upper knee bent.
The second big difference to the other sessions was the technique. I didn't produced hard contractions, but tried to hold gentle sqeezes with light differences in strenght. After a while I contracted the muscles in a way, that caused little shavings. This was a the first sign of very small involuntaries and time by time I got better in holding the right sort of contraction for causing more of these involuntaries.
You have to play with the different muscles you have in the pelvic floor and need to level the magnitude of tension. The involuntaries were very slightly and disappeared when I relaxed all muscels, so it was not this strong kind of involuntaries, described by other members. But it was a beginning.

I definitely belonged to the persons who felt unable to have these involuntaries for a long time!

I just can give you the advice of being very aroused and hold slightly contractions for causing them. Capturing a nice erotic thought in the right moment will suddenly swell your prostate and cause these involuntaries. It’s a combination of muscle play and mind. The "strong arousal" and "light contractions" are the key words here.
With the time I came nearer to the PONR, but my arousal was so strong, I thought I would explode when reaching it. My pelvic floor began to twitch sometimes as it’s when a normal orgasm is starting and the sperm is throwing out. But for some reason, the penile orgasm didn't start. Instead of that, a wave of pleasure started to flow my body. Very intense and orgasmic. It was about a few seconds.
Few moments after that my pelvic floor squeezed a few times which triggered a normal penile orgasm.
I would call this a dry-O, maybe a small one.
What makes me very happy about this session, is that I experienced the involuntaries and finally a new kind of orgasm. A bit of practice, strong arousal and the new technique (slight squeezes) brought me there.
A little thought I want to add is the following:
I read several times anal orgasms and penile orgasms would be like the ends of two different roads. The feeling of them is different but they are very close to each other. I were 0,001 % away from getting a normal ejaculation still the Dry-O occured. It’s a heavy thing to handle the feelings.
However, every experience is different! For me, the normal orgasms and the anal orgasms are near by.

Two problems I had was still the urge to urinate after some time and also so indirect stimulation of the penis, through lying on the bed. Will work on that and post my solutions here ;)



  1. I had a couple sessions early on where I had to stop and pee which for me meant taking the Aneros out each time. I eventually made a conscious effort to not take in as many fluids leading up to a session. I might take a sip of water if I started to get parched during the session, but it prevents the urination problem for me. Hope this or something you find works out. Keep at it.

  2. Yes, to stop drinking the time before a session is maybe the best way to lower this problem. Unfortunately I had a hurting throat caused by illness and drank much tea.
    In two or three days I will have my next session and I'm looking forward to have all things perfect then.
    I will try a new toy )Nexus Titus( and maybe the Progasm I also ordered last week, on top of that with a new silicon based lube. If it's good enough I will write some things about the session and the new utilities ;(

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