It Was About Her

I wasn’t sure how long I would stay with my erotic writing; I thought that I would just make several entries and go on. But I have enjoyed doing this so much I decided to continue. After the first few posts I was hooked. Why have I stuck with this for so long and why am I willing to commit to all these entries?

Part of it is I am smitten with chronicling my erotic thoughts. My rewiring has opened a creative window in me, my powers of observance have been sharpened and my love for expressing those observations has grown exponentially. When I read through all the entries I am struck by the consistency and the emotional power of the sexual things that I have thought about and the things that have happened to me.

Part of it is the pure eroticism of it Like most people I don’t dwell on things in my life but my writing has created the opportunity for me to savor some very special steamy times. It has given me the chance to ruminate on sexual events in my life and revisit them in my mind. In the process of recalling events, thinking about them, describing them and thinking about how they felt at the time I am reliving them. In this ponderous process the richness, sensuality and eroticism and the depth of the events intensifies in my mind and hardens my cock.

Last but not least . . . it is a turn on. These entries are the red hot steaming forge that casts my libido and hones my desire to a fine erotic edge. A three hour writing effort on one of these entries leaves me with very wet pants and an aching penis that is literally drooling my desire.

Lastly, the process of writing these entries concentrates my sexual thoughts and makes me keenly aware of my eroticism. I look at life and people very differently as a result, especially women.

My growing sexual awareness has taught me to control my arousal and direct it in ways that enhance my erotic outlook on the world and my personal affection for the sensual. I am more keenly aware of women as a result of this focus and I love this enhanced sensitivity I have gained. I am keyed into women’s emotions, the gift of their femininity, the wonder of their sensual bodies and the mysterious beauty of feminine climax. My life is much richer as a result of this outlook. I sometimes wonder how dull my life was years ago.

Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to my response to the greatest gift that I have ever been given the opportunity to share . . . my lovely lady’s exquisitely sexy body. Her sexuality and her sexual response is a miracle that never ceases to amaze me. Her desire to share her intimate self with me in the open and unreserved way that she does is something that I am very grateful for. Although solitary MMO seems to dominate this blog, I am very commited to the intimacy and connection of sex. The mental connection between us in erotic passion is an aspect of my life that is very important to me.

The sequence that follows is my recollection of a night last week.

This particular night was the punctuation of more than a week of MMO’s . I was really aroused. Sometimes I need to be a receiver and sometimes I need to be a giver. In truth I lean more towards giving than receiving overall. This particular evening I was very interested in delivering to her an evening of erotic delight.

She stood before me wearing the very simplest of clothes, a shirt, pants, with bra and panties underneath. It is amazing how sexy she can be totally covered up. Her sexual appeal is an aura that radiates through her clothes. Coarse fabric and stiff layers may hide the nuance of her sexuality but they cannot mask the sensuousness of her curves and the essence of her femininity to me. She has a narrow waist and broad hips and beautiful breasts, they are graceful and supple, and ample but not they are not huge. To me they are the most perfect breasts I can imagine. Her loveliness is plainly evident to me as she stands nervously before me. In her maturity her body has mellowed like a rare wine, she is elegant, sophisticated and real.

She stood there per my request as I stood before her. Looking into her face, I slowly began, button by button to undo her blouse. I knew that the slower I went, the sexier it would be. So as I slowly and deliberately undid each button, her blouse gradually parted revealing her narrow chest and voluptuous breasts; she was clearly keyed up about this and she was breathing heavily with excitement and nervousness. She likes silky unstructured bras, and the bra that I revealed was a very comfortable but sexy favorite of hers. It was light blue clingy silk; it restrained the elegantly pendululous flesh that I knew so well. The silken fabric clung to her and outlined her sensual beauty in a way that that stirred my soul. Her nipples were erect as a result of the erotic rush she was experiencing and the chill of having her blouse removed. Her nipples darkened and stiffened showing their form and color through the clingy fabric. The beautiful natural swell of her breasts was evident in the sling like cup of the bra.

I ran my hands down off her shoulders and glided them over her chest fondling her silk enshrouded tits in my palms. I held them for a moment warming them and the smooth fabric; I hefted her lush breasts in the silken slings. I held them for a moment before I continued my trip down to grasp the waist button of her pants. Deftly I put two fingers between her skin and the fabric and with a thumb pushed the brass button through the buttonhole. The waistband sprung apart restrained only by her zipper. I could see her stomach and chest were rising and falling quickly. The start of the deliberate unveiling of her wondrously sexy nude form was exerting an impact on her libido. She loves me to undress her as I was.

I looked up into her eyes to see what they told me about how she was feeling. I can read her eyes like a book. Her eyes were diverted downward and her cheeks were slightly flushed. She is very fair and a blush rises in her very easily. I have seen her nude thousands and thousands of times. I know every inch of her sweet lush body intimately. I have seen it, held it, tasted it and ridden the roller coaster of her orgasms with her as my mouth caressed her most intimate – private places. But as sexy as this was for her, there was something about standing there passively while I undressed her that caused her modesty to surface, she didn’t know what to do as I slowly unwrapped her femininity. She fidgeted in response as I grasped the zipper of her pants and slowly lowered it, brushing my finger over her panties and pubic bone as the zipper hits bottom.

As I revealed her, I was struck how much like the blossoming of a flower this undressing process was. Her zipper buzzed as her pants were lowered; it sounded like a large crowd of people buzzing about the highly erotic vision that were witnessing. It was as if dozens of people were watching this attractive – lithe woman slowly having her clothes removed by a fully clothed man. In its descent, the zipper released the flaps of her pants; they folded over and peeled back like the sepals on rose hips. I then compared her full hips to rose hips in mind. I thought about her soft warm vulva, thinking of it as a swollen bud that contained the sensuality of her sweet silken petals, a bud that would soon burst and unfurl in response to my fingers.

I slid her pants down over her curvy hips and eased them down to the floor; she held on to my shoulders as I bent over to help her step out of them. She kicked them aside and stood there shifting from foot to foot as I finished my task of revealing her sensual torso. She was then standing there in bra and panties with her hands behind her back, looking at me furtively and coyly. She was slightly embarrassed but her libido was heating up and starting to make its will known; in that process her embarrassment was fading.

Her sexy silken panties were selected especially for this evening; they are blue like her bra but they were not matched exactly. The fabric was lacier, more transparent and the leg holes were cut higher on her hips than her normal panties. I could see the damp darkened vertical spot on the mound of silk in her crotch; the wet spot betrayed her and imprinted the shape of her aroused pussy lips on the silken canvas. I cupped her tender vulva in my right palm. As I held the warm wet fabric that covered her feminine bulge in my hand she gasped and then began to breathe deeply to try and calm herself. I felt the moist heat of the mouth of her vagina; it warmed the silky cloth that shielded her sex from my touch, but she could feel my heat. But just as I could feel the heat of her steaming vagina, she could feel the warmth of my hand. Along with the growing heat I could also feel the warm sticky dampness growing on the silky cloth that covered her moistening desire.

I could see that there is a war going on in her body. Her limbic brain, the ancient core of our evolutionary biology was starting to take over from her higher evolved human brain. It was expressing an ancient instinct to open her sex to male penetration to perpetuate the species, to prepare her for sex. Her need to succumb to sexual gratification began to subsume her. The gates in her body that held back powerful hormones were starting to open, flooding her brain with a cocktail of chemicals that had been passed down from generation to generation; human elixirs that triggered raw sexual responses in her sex organs and more subtle erotic needs in her brain.

Her dewey opening was yawning wide and was starting to tingle as the hormones raced through her body. She became acutely aware of the mouth of her femininity, it was tingling and becoming highly sensitized. The hormone laden blood pulsed through her pussy preparing it for the pending stimulation that it craved. In her mind her embarrassment was dueling with her swelling libido. Her skin was communicating the skirmish. I could see the blush on her chest and cheeks and the erection of her nipples through her slinky bra.

She was feeling increasingly vulnerable and modest but her arousal was also growing. Her nipples were erect and the damp darkening spot on her panties was spreading. Her fleshy peach was slowly ripening and exuding its juice, urged on by the warmth of the thoughts in her mind. The pink cleft of her vaginal mouth was open, drooling her sticky thick nectar. But despite the intense bloom of her flower, her modesty was still struggling to express itself. I know her and I knew that it was a losing battle for her modesty.

As I continued the process of peeling away the protection of her clothing to expose her lush warm skin and reveal her swelling female charms, her arousal would ultimately consume her and totally suppress her modesty. I knew that she would ultimately stand before me totally naked and vulnerable with her heart racing, her chest heaving and her vagina aching for my loving kisses. In her extreme arousal she would surrender herself to me so that I could fan the mysterious and wonderful glowing embers of lust that were already smoldering deep inside the pink glistening gash behind the wet spot.

I put my hand on her tummy and slowly slid it down towards her vulva, slipping my fingers under the waistband of her panties as I sought the prize of her downy pussy. I relished the warmth of her skin and the pleasant friction from her soft skin on the sensitive skin of my hand as I drifted towards her sexy goal. I reached her pubic bone and the tuft of trimmed hair that framed the mouth of her vagina. I could see the hair framing her opening in my minds eye as my hand continued down to her hold her. When I had reached my sensuous wet goal I held it gently and lovingly as if it was a rare endangered bird. A bird that quaked in my hand, quivering in anticipation of things both known and unknown; but her pussy knew what was to come and it desperately wanted and needed it.

She shuddered quietly as my hand spread out and my fingers began to probe the folds of her dampened flower. I fondled the delicate skin of her inner lips; they felt like silk that was wetted with exotic oil; the mouth of her sex was glistening with the creamy expression of the passion that was boiling over deep inside her. The sexual heat that was expanding in her canal was not only causing her pussy to weep with desire but it was making her clitoris ache and throb in its erection.

The pearlescent cream of her lust coated my fingers. I carefully avoided any contact with her erected – unhooded button. It was fully exposed in its erection and I knew it was indeed aching for the stimulation that would grant her the relief of her orgasm. My entire hand was soon richly rewarded with the thick cream that was oozing from her sex. She leaned her head forward and nestled it under my chin and kissed my chest appreciatively.

As I delicately teased the silky petals of her flower they swelled in my fingers and she sighed again, this time with a tinge of a moan infused in it; she was surrendering to me. Her vagina was weeping its need on my hand; its tears were the pearlescent tears of vaginal lust. The pungent tangy nectar of her throbbing peach ran between my fingers as I danced in and out of its creases; I flitted over her divine orifice as a bee searches for sweet sustenance.

She was becoming overwhelmed with desire as my insistent fingers teased the opening of her sweet sexy hole. But as I tickled the tender flesh on the outside of her womanhood, other fingers were probing the deep recesses of her sodden feminine canal, they were not mine . It was the longer more deft fingers of her own feminine arousal that were delicately probing her vagina. Unlike my own fingers that were limited to the surface of her skin, and her opening the tingling pointed fingers of her own arousal could penetrate the delicate skin of her sex and sink underneath her skin to thrum all of her erotic “hot spots”; these were the special places that were secret even to me. The persistent fingers of her own passion probed her mercilessly. As they probed into her they didn’t leave pain, instead they left tingling echoes of exquisite sensation that lingered everywhere they touched.

The desperate tension that was winding up inside her was causing her to constrict her anus and breathe raggedly. Her concentration was fluttering as she began to melt into the sensations that were thrumming her quivering female hole. Her legs were weakened to the point that it was becoming difficult for her to stand. She wrapped her arms around my waist and leaned on me and held onto me as she was slowly being overwhelmed by the relentless waves of growing bliss in her crotch. Those sensations that were smoldering in her pussy had also ignited the erogenous core of her brain.

Making her stand as the rising water of sexual need was rushing into her pussy and flooding her canal, making it heavy with desire was key to preparing her to be washed away in the waves of exquisite agony. The more I could keep her from giving into to an early and easy orgasm the deeper and more penetrating her ultimate climax would be. I wanted her rise to incredible heights of erotic bliss so that when the orgasmic wave hit, she would crash onto the beach in convulsive spasms of exquisite sensation.

The sparkling buzz of building climax took possession of her. It crept deep into her vagina with aching slowness as she stood there with trembling legs before me feeling it take possession of her pussy. As she stood there passively I ushered the bliss into her with a gentle but firm massage of her vulva. As I kneaded and squeezed it her juice dripped from her cleft and coated my palm. She groaned and picked her head up and looked into my eyes with a look of desperation and wanton need. The passionate tension was consuming her body. It relentlessly followed the wet and tender path behind her inner lips, creeping deep into the warm sweet place that it knew so well. She thought of the many times before I that brought this exquisite bliss to her glistening feminine canal. Like the pied piper I stood outside the opening of her lovely gates.

Delving into her sodden hole my middle finger found her throbbing clit. My finger plucked and strummed it as if it was a rare instrument and only I knew how to extract lovely music from it. I played her quivering button deftly, my fingers alternately thrumming the hardened nub while my had massaged her opening. I played the exquisite feminine instrument between her legs so carefully and deliberately that a lovely melody came forth from deep in her chest. The resonant melody urged her orgasm to ooze from her vagina and reveal itself. I had played her heavenly instrument many other times but this time I did so with intense love and devotion. I hoped that this time her magical music would emerge from deep within her and fill the room, expressing the desperation, joy and ecstasy of sweet release.

Her warm aroused instrument was reverberating inside her, playing music that I knew only she could hear. I could only imagine what it sounded like. As the music in her head enraptured her she harmonized with it in the sweet song in her own passionate voice. I could now imagine what music she could hear as I could hear the beauty of her own song, sung aloud. The song she was singing was as old as the generations of women that preceded her. It was a sweet throaty song that told me of the ecstasy that she was experiencing, the relief of a longed for aching climax. Her sweet song expressed the supreme joy of the opened mouth of femininity expressing its euphoria in the divine agony of soul shaking orgasm. Her song resulted from the tenacious spasms that pulled on the strings of ecstatic bliss that were strung deep inside in her sexy hole. As the orgasm tore from her depths her voice shrilly acknowledged the joyous result deep inside her pussy. Her legs were trembling as she fought to remain standing.

As the ecstatic waves washed over her and retreated back, and washed over her again she was quaking in convulsive bliss. She does not usually orgasm standing up; this was hard for her but ultimately it was deeply rewarding. But she was not done yet. I hugged her and held to me as the orgasm finished drilling into her.
The deep orgasm that had just squeezed her vagina had left a warm spot to return to, it was not done with her yet. Just as it had wrenched itself from her vagina in thunderous convulsive ecstasy, the sweet sensation was slowly creeping in again even as the tremors of her first orgasm were not totally gone. The building climax sighed with familiarity as it resettled itself into the sweet soft tenderness of her female canal. With my help it would prepare itself to twist her vagina in convulsive bliss yet again.

The warm glow inside her was smoldering as the returning passion wickedly provoked the nerves in the very deepest and most sensitive part of her femininity. The arousal now was creeping up into her and tickling the puckered mouth of her womb; she could feel its crackling energy tingling in the pit of her canal. It felt like an electric current that wanted to invade the most intimate and private part of her and tighten her insides in preparation for explosive release. That release would wring sweet relief to her vagina. It would be as if was a fruit being squeezed by a press, extracting the creamy essence of her soul as it embraced her sex.

She could not reach the desperately urgent – itchy ache that was starting to grow again deep inside her; it was so deep and intense that it seemed that it could not be satisfied. She desperately needed something to reach up into her depths to satisfy this desperate need that made her pussy throb, feel heavy and ache. She thought of my erect penis; despite her hazy post orgasmic mental state she imagined my hard long and thick penis reaching up into her sodden vagina to squirt the warm balm into her that would sate her aching thirst.

Thoughts of my cock, or any cock that would penetrate her throbbing pussy mouth and grant her the divine relief that it would bring her consumed her thoughts. But her thoughts were a cruel tease.

The thought of my penis emptying my sweet steaming cream into her thirsty vagina only served to elevate her arousal. Her desperation grew even more with the thought of the warm satisfaction of my cum and the sweet relief that it would bring.

She stood there looking into my eyes with a slight grimace as I massaged her clitoris in gentle but insistent circles. Her desperation showed in the gasps that she was taking to sustain her breathing. My insistent teasing of her clit was igniting a need to be filled. If she could only impale herself on my hot penis and extinguish the fire that was burning in her vagina it would be divinely rewarding. She felt the electric fingers of the arousal take control of her pussy mouth and make it pucker.

All of a sudden her vagina and clit were no longer hers. They were under the control of the swelling passion that has seized her vagina and had hardened it in preparation for orgasm. The mouth of her vagina was quivering, throbbing and aching; the ache was burning deep into her.

Then suddenly the sweet passion that had gripped her pussy and squeezed it hard causing its to quiver in desperation, started to embrace and consume her body. It took her breath away as it crawled over her belly skin, and stalled at her nipples, teasing them with evil joy. The arousal then gripped her brain and grasped every bit of her modesty, gathered it in a wad deep inside her vagina. It held it there awaiting the thunderous bliss of her orgasm.

When that climax arrived it would bore into her vagina and it would grab her modesty, crumple it beyond recognition and expel from her pussy with the creamy flotsam of her ecstasy. When her orgasm was done her modesty would be running down her leg and her body would be purged, and prepared for even greater erotically vulgar bliss. She was teetering on the edge of a second climax ready to fall into the abyss. I would push her now.

She stood before me ready to collapse with the sweet sensations that now had total control of her. She was clinging to me to remain standing, her legs were shaking. I reached around her and released the hooks on her bra. It fell away as I lifted the straps off her shoulders. Her breasts were beautiful. My eyes caressed them; her nipples were still stiff from her intense orgasm. Her nipples are light pink, but in arousal and erection they were darkened. Her breasts swelled on her chest. She looked up at my face in gratified appreciation. I am lost in admiration of her beautiful mammary glands. They express the wonder of her femininity; they are works of art in human flesh. As I gazed at them I was consumed with a need to suckle on her and harden her nipples further in the hot wetness of my mouth. I took a breath as my penis strained against my constricting pants.

She was almost there. Only a pair of silky flimsy panties stood between my passion for her and her vulnerable availability to be a willing victim of her own erotic proclivities. Her panties are soaked with the slimy cream of her first orgasm. I needed to see her totally naked and available to me. I need to be able to see, taste, kiss and fondle her. I removed my hand from her vagina and I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties and I lower them. Her juice had not only soaked her panties but it had dribbled down her leg. The slimy crotch of her panties sticks to her vaginal lips as I slide them off.

Her vagina was in full bloom, she was on the verge of ecstasy. It was inflamed with need and her silken lips were red and swollen with lust. I leaned forward and for the first time in the last thirty minutes I kissed her mouth. Her breath was sweet. She returned the kiss with such passion and desperation I was taken aback. She wrapped her arms around me and grabbed the back of my head forcing our lips together.

I pulled away from her gently and began to shed my own clothes until I was standing there as naked as she was. Our bodies were less than a foot apart. I could feel the heat of her on my chest.

I stepped forward so that my erect penis was pressed against her belly. I embraced her and ran my hands down her back as I kissed the nape of her neck. I let my middle finger run down her back until it was at the small of her back. Tentatively I followed the crease between her butt cheeks with my finger until I was at her anus. Ever so gently I began to tickle and tease it at the opening without any attempt to enter her. She arched her back thrusting her rectum towards my finger and stood still as I tickled the sensitive skin around the opening. She stood mesmerized it was as if I had hypnotized her.

I then began to trail kisses from the nape of her neck to the base of her neck on her chest, to her breasts and nipples, pausing to suck on her nipples so hard that I thought it would hurt, but instead she groaned and held her breast to my mouth as if to urge me to draw milk from her.

I continued my journey down taking time to kiss her belly button as I dropped to my knees between her legs. Knowing what was coming she backed up to the wall and leaned against the wall, parted her legs and thrust her pelvis forward towards me. I crept forward on my knees to get in very close to her. When my face was touching the warm skin of her belly button, I dropped back so that I was kneeling before her, sitting on my heels. My face was level with her vagina.

I looked at her swollen sex in amazement, thinking how much it changes in arousal. As I sat there wallowing in the wonders of her aroused femininity she had other ideas. Silently and without offering me a chance to take the initiative she pushed her vulva to my mouth and grasped my head in both of her hands. Her need was very clear. She needed me to make love to her vagina with my mouth. Her climax was starting to build again, her second orgasms always come much quicker than the first. She directed my lips to her silken inner lips and the mouth of her vagina. I extended my tongue and rimmed the opening with a gentle but firm pressure. Her tangy cream coated her opening and expressed itself onto my tongue. I lapped her hole and teased her clit, knowing full well that too much attention would cause her to climax immediately. I wanted to tease her a little bit to edge her to the brink and then push her over at the most intense moment possible. But she was not in the mood for subtle edging. She needed to cum and to cum she needed friction.

Holding my mouth to the mouth of her vagina she began to hump my face, in a distinctly unlady like fashion. The vulgarity of it didn’t matter any more, she needed more than anything to rub her clitoris on my mouth. I extended my tongue offering a wet pad for her thrusts. That was all she needed. She began to rock on her feet grinding her clit rhythmically on my tongue. She held my head as I cradled her ass cheeks. We both worked to keep my mouth locked to her hardened pearl as she ground herself against my mouth. Very carefully I inserted two fingers into her pussy and pressed up on the swollen roof of her pussy hole. She moaned.

Her thrusting got very erratic and I could feel her ass quaking in my hands. Her grinding became almost spastic as she humped my face in desperation and tried not to fall as the climax began to grip her. She leaned back and semi sat in my hands as she leaned on the wall behind her and pushed her pelvis against my mouth. AS her abdomen quaked and convulsed she forced the orgasm from the mouth of her vagina, I came forth in a torrent of her hot cream.. She howled as it drooled from her. It was as if she was being tortured with the most agonizing instrument imaginable. She put her hands on my shoulders as the spasms wracked through her. She grunted and moaned as she twisted and thrust her pelvis against my mouth. I held her as she spent against me.

After the last of the spasms washed through her, she limped over to our bed and collapsed. I lay next to her and put my hand on her back as she drifted into the haze of post orgasmic bliss. I kissed her neck and her back and whispered in her ear how much I loved her.

As I lay there next to her, I ran my hands delicately over her lovely body lingering over all the places that I think about when we are apart. These are my special places and my fingers drifting over them evoked chills and little shudders from her.

I was running a stream of precum and Iwasstiff, but I didn’t care. That night it wasn’t about me. It was about her. And I was grateful for her.