Private Penetration

I have mentioned many time in this blog that the advances I have made in my sexual journey have brought me closer to understanding the emotional, sensual and physiological sexual needs of a woman.

I have gained this understanding because the experience of a deep prostate centered anal orgasm is very similar to the g spot orgasmic experience of a woman. J has most definitely become aware of the change that occurred in me as I am a different lover. I am more mindful, less impetuous in the pursuit of pleasure and I am more patient with her experience of vaginal pleasure. I can almost read her mind and understand what she wants and needs to fulfill the craving that takes control of her body when we are being intimate.

One of the things that has come with this new sexual pathway I am on is the need I feel to be penetrated. While 90% of my MMO sessions are induced without penetration there are times that I crave the exquisite torture of deep stimulation to trigger the release of chains of pleasure waves in my core. To some people it is the need to feel the fullness of a large object; that is not the case for me. For me it is the sensation of the subtle touch of an delicate object to unlock the excruciatingly pleasurable peristaltic waves of anal orgasm.

For much of my early adult life there was a debate as to whether it was possible for a guy to have an anal orgasm …… now I know there is no debate …. I have them. The ones I have from anal penetration are particularly deep and exquisitely pleasurable. Research I have done on line reveals that there are nerve bundles in the area just inside my anal opening that can be stimulated to cause the complex set of muscles around and just inside my anus to flex and contract and send waves of ecstatic sensation up my anal canal, and cause my perineum and penile bulb to convulse in anguished bliss.

The preferred object for anal penetration for me is a Peridise or a Tempo; both are essentially the same in design, they differ only in that one is plastic while the other is stainless steel. At their ends is a bulbous tip that is roughly the size of an olive. I also use N Joy stainless steel Phung Plugs which are roughly the same size but are curved. I prefer the weight of the stainless steel items when they are inside of me.

The trick to inducing anal orgasms in me is the movement of the object against the wall of my rectal ampulla; the smaller the object the more movement, the sweeter the strokes and the better the orgasm. My anus has developed particular strength as a result of years of MMO practice. My anus can grip the stem of the peridise tightly so that when anal contractions begin the bulbous tip strokes the walls of my ampulla and elegantly teases my prostate as my anus holds it. The grip of it by my anus and the contractions draw it back and forth against my hyper sensitized flesh like a violin bow. The rubbing of the tip against the wall just inside my opening induces a gag like reflex in my anus that is just like the one that occurs when you stick a finger down your throat. The sense of regurgitating is very similar, except when it is in my anus it produces agonizing ecstasy.

The longer the pleasant feeling can be extended the deeper the pleasure becomes. The pleasure will reach a crescendo at some point that is so incredibly intense that ripples of orgasmic sensation roll into deep into my anal canal inducing a sensation of euphoria that can go on and on for two hours or more as I lay there. The key to sustaining an extended orgasmic experience for me is relaxing and passively letting the waves of ecstasy roll into me. As they crest and crash, I savor each one like it is a fine wine resonating its bouquet on my tongue. I savor it, relish it and covet it tenderly as its exquisite sensation tantalizes and coaxes my body to accept deeply satisfying and very erotic pulsing contractions.

As a guy it took me a long time to cast off the expectation of proactive cock oriented sexual pleasure. The seeming immobility of my anus and my lack of control over it as pleasure drilled it relentlessly was very hard to get used to. As the pleasure escalated and the rapture holds me still as the tender fingers of sexual tension reach deep inside of me to pluck the strings of my orgasm, the resulting resonating vibrations deliver me to a place where the purest euphoria I have ever experienced waits to cradle me. The hard part is that the long climb to that euphoric state is fraught with sensations that are so intense it is difficult to ascend without being distracted by the deeply pleasurable teasing spasms and contractions themselves.

Like the gag reflex however, if I am persistent enough the gag reflex will cause me to regurgitate. Again it is the same anally; if I am persistent enough I will not regurgitate but just the opposite I will suck in wave after wave of orgasmic spasms that will induce extremely profound orgasmic sensation.

Because this orgasmic sensation is centered deep inside of my anal tract, as it resonates and amplifies it spreads like the warmth of a fire deep inside my anal canal and my pelvis. The recurring orgasmic spasms that squeeze my anal tract will send waves of pleasure across my skin and up my spine. Those waves seem to gather and collect around my cock root where they trigger additional pleasurable reactions. My nipples, perineum, the soles of my feet, the area around my belly button and my ear canals all become saturated with deliriously sweet erotic sensation.

As I said, earlier if I can sustain the mind set and physical relaxation to accept the rapture, that rapture will grasp me in its hands and immobilize me. I can then experience the multiple orgasmic explosions that are occurring on my skin and deep inside of me. The fuse for all this is the slim object that was inserted in rectum and is rubbing all the right spots.

So it was last week when I was traveling and I found myself in a hotel room three hundred miles from home. My meeting was done and it was 8 o’clock at night. In the quiet peaceful solace of a cool hotel room, I pulled down the covers and sensuously removed my clothes, sexing myself up and preparing to make love to myself. Lying down of the performance stage that the clean white sheets provided, I prepared my mind for the pending experience. I thought of the faceless woman that unwittingly set the stage for my performance by making this bed. I thought how erotic it would be if she and other women could all be standing around the room watching me and waiting to see the sweet sensation of pleasure creep into my anus and take root, drawing the thick rich creamof orgasmic ecstasy from inside of me.

Parting my legs I inserted my Tempo and settled in. In a matter of minutes I felt the ryhtmic tingling pulsing pleasure begin. In my mind I reached out and gingerly tried to grasp the ephemeral wispy sensations that were dancing deep in my rectum almost out of my reach. Breathing deeply I reached out and grasped a pleasure wave. Like a misty wraith it slipped through my fingers; fighting the chilling tension of pending orgasm that was trying to cloud my mind I reached out and grabbed at another one. The more I breathed the firmer my mental grip on the fiercely independent orgasmic spasm became. It couldn’t escape anymore. It writhed and twisted inside of me caught in my grip. As it wriggled and twisted it yielded its desperate pleasure to me. Like jolts of exquisite electricity it coursed into me making me jerk and gasp as it took purchase in my anal canal.

Lying on the bed as I twisted and writhed, I imagined I looked like a fish caught on a line. As I attempted to reel the sensations in I felt the orgasm fighting and arching and trying to wrest itself from me just as a fish fights. But as I breathed my grip on the orgasm tightened yet further. The firmer my hold became the deeper its gyrations drove me into the arms of rapture. And I moaned in my sweet anguish

I was now firmly holding the orgasm. As the exquisitely sweet resonating waves of pleasure turned to agonizing rapture I moaned. I felt the weight of intense orgasm pressing down on my body making it impossible for me to move. The vision of being held down while I was being fucked hard in the ass sent my mind reeling. My body was betraying me and holding me for the intolerably sweet torture that was drilling into my rectum. The coarse thick strings of my orgasmic instrument were being plucked in an arpeggio that was so complex and intricate my mind could not follow it. All I could so was struggle to savor the rapture that was vibrating inside me. Each plucking vibration sent chilling erotic delight throughout my body.

An hour later when the performance was over I felt the music draining from my body. The warmth of orgasm still glowed in me and my cock was steel hard and drooling my sweet precum.

The next day I would be home and my cock would get its welcomed relief in J ‘s hand or in her mouth. But I tried not to think about it then or else I might drift back into another performance and the hour was getting late.