Can ejaculate HF but not sure next step

Hi! 21 yr old male here.

I've had the helix classic for a while now. I like it a lot and it has always made my traditional orgasms a whole lot better but recently I have been trying harder to get hands free orgasms (HF) or super O's or prostate orgasms or just more powerful orgasms in general.

I can make myself ejaculate and orgasm without touching my dick but I don't think I'm doing it correctly. I put in my helix after not masturbating or having sex for a few days and then go through the process of letting my sphincter adjust and then the deep breathing and clenching and all that jazz. And it feels good, especially when I start with light holds and just try to hold those as long as possible. Then I watch porn and browse some of my favorite dirty sub reddits (all the while not touching my cock- I lie on my left side with my knees up or I lie on my back with a pillow underneath me to boost up my butt) and I try to focus on the feelings in my prostate. It all feels really really good but sometimes I have a hard time making sure to keep my sphincter clenched or I find that I'm flexing my cock instead of my ass or my abs instead of my ass. Regardless I feel something welling up inside of me and if I put my balls in between my thighs (really just separate my cock from my balls via my thighs) and extended my legs or sometimes just by squeezing my thighs I ejaculate. Sometimes I don't even need to do that, it happens anyways It feels amazing and I love it, but I know it's not a super O.

What kind of orgasm am I having? Is it a prostate orgasm? Is it an anal sphincter orgasm (I've looked everywhere and I don't know how these are different or what they feel like)? Could I do this more than once in one sitting? And most importantly, what am I doing wrong?? And how do I fix this so I can have super O's. Or P waves (still confused as to what these are too).

Thanks everyone! I love reading everything people post on this sub reddit and I hope someone can help me.



  1. You’re having a traditional orgasm, but just in a different way. I’ve not experienced one myself, but in working towards one and reading a lot about them, what I’ve learned is that if the prostate is full enough from not masturbating and the continued stimulation builds up enough prostatic fluid, it is forced to empty itself and you have a TO. One thing you might try doing is try having a TO a day or so before you decide to have an Aneros session. For the most part it sounds like you’re headed in the right direction to have a Super O, but TOs are getting in the way. P-waves are essentially feelings of intense sexual pleasure resonating from the prostate instead of the penis. They’re kind of precursors to a super O. The most important thing to remember is just to let things happen. Perhaps try taking a less hands-on approach (so to speak). I’ve had lots of success holding maybe a 30-40% contraction and just doing deep breathing. I don’t vary the contraction at all, and eventually the sphincter muscles get tired and spasm, doing all the work for you. I hope some of this info is helpful. If you ever need any advice or feel like you’re plateauing, feel free to drop a reply or a PM my way. I’m no guru by any means, but after a good 8 years of sessions I’ve tried just about everything and I’m more than happy to help.

  2. It takes a lot of practice to fine-tune everything. You should experiment with not doing any contractions at all, and seeing if you can let pleasure and movement happen by itself. It still sounds as if you’re being a little "hands-on" in your sessions. Which is fine starting out, but what you should be working on and developing is the involuntary twitching. And eventually having the good feelings tie into these. It’s something that can develop on its own over time, so it’s important to reset your technique every once in a while to see what can happen if you just relax.

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