Pretty darn good second session (same day as first)

I decided to abstain from orgasm for a few days because I haven't done that in a while and it feels really nice when I finally let it out. About day 3…I was really horny and impulse bought a helix, and had to wait a few more days for shipping which was like torture because at this point I'm super excited to try this thing on top of being horny. When it finally arrived I had about an hour to try it out before other people came home. Long story short I was too excited and didn't get very far, but I'm really glad I didn't just decide to cum because later that day I had another chance to try it.

The second time I made a better attempt to relax and take it slow. I was laying on my bed with an eroge on my TV (Japanese erotic visual novel), using a controller and JoyToKey to control the mouse. I can understand plenty of Japanese for the voiced parts to make me really aroused. I relaxed for a while and then started slightly contracting. After a little while the pleasure started and I was able to hold onto it for a long time as long as I stayed aroused. During a few really sexy scenes I was able to get some really nice pleasure and leaking. I'm not sure but I think a had some involuntary contractions, or it was at least quivering when I slightly contracted. If I understand correctly that's why there's so much emphasis placed on small contractions. A couple of times I had a kind of double-vision and slight feeling of faint from the pleasure. I could make that feeling last a few seconds, but couldn't get to an orgasm. I kept going for about 2 hours. There was totally enjoyable pleasure the whole time as long as I stayed aroused and I just kept wanting to get to one more sexy scene to try to take it further. I have trouble visualizing and the visual novel helped tremendously. Eventually I decided to end the session and I really wanted to cum so I went for a super-T which felt amazing.

For a while I've had the fantasy of having an orgasm like a woman because it seems so much better. Also I like being the submissive one. Even though I'm straight, I fantasize about actually being a very feminine woman because I want to feel totally submissive and vulnerable. I've tried erotic hypnosis and got to a decent level of pleasure but nothing mind-blowing. With this though I could really put myself in the role of the woman in the visual novel. Overall I'm very happy with my first (technically second) experience with it.


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  1. First, congrats on progress on your FIRST day. It takes lots of guys much longer than that, if at all. Secondly, learn to love and appreciate the 2 hours of pleasure you did get, with or without an orgasm. I’ve had sessions where I never got to the finish line, but it felt like I was on the edge; at first this is frustrating, but eventually I just learned to the edge. And the longer I stay right at it, the more intense it becomes, up to the point where it feels like one long 2 hour orgasm. Lastly, and this will be the toughest for you… try to not distract yourself too much during a session. I find it best if I just close my eyes and do nothing else. You can eventually train your mind to replace your Japanese erotica. And, in fact, I think you can miss subtle clues about your body. I literally treat each session as a training session and try not to miss a single sensation or twitch.

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