So, uh, … leaking??

I'm interested in getting one of these things, but I have to admit that the Milestones section of the wiki (from the sidebar—it has me sort of scared. For instance: leaking?? Uh, leaking what, exactly? Any other less-than-desirable surprises in store for me if I get one and start trying it?



  1. By ‘Slight sense of leaking’, they’re referring to pre-ejaculate (‘precum’) leaking from the penis, which is not something to worry about. > [leakage]( The emissions from the Cowper’s gland (precum) or prostate gland (semen/prostatic fluid) due to massage or contractions.

  2. Thanks for clarifying. I had completely misunderstood; this being an anal toy, I had thought they were talking about some kind of anal leakage (which sounds disgusting enough that it might not be worth it).

  3. The leakage you get ussually feels real good and is ussually accompanied with pleasure in your prostate. It can be pretty hot for some as well.

  4. Yeah, definitely not what you were thinking. Pretty much all of the milestones are pleasant feelings/sensations.

  5. lol, I thought the exact same thing. I was a bit worried about this milestone; I’m glad to learn I already hit it in my first or second session.

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