Testicular Orgasm?

Again in my journey I had to arise and blog. Things ended a little different this time and the buzz is so gentle its special.

I began with cleansing out my anus and inserting a large portion of coconut oil. I wanted Maximus to be fluid and the fluid nature of things to last a long time. Coconut Oil does this and has an added benefit of feeling so smooth inside. Well we settled in together and soon max took over.

As I concentrated on his cycle he would touch and squirm inside me. I started to breath much slower and deeply keeping in tune with him. Max started a series of p-waves much quieter than before, so relaxed as he would touch different areas of me. I decided to try moving my cramaster muscles this time just to see what would happen. I soon felt it was just to be a learning experience, but Max decided to reward me.

My balls began to feel as if they were pulling upward into my groin. As the feeling repeated itself a tingling from the very core would radiate from each of them. Each time I relaxed a new wave of these radiating tingling vibrations would hit my scrotum. It felt as if semen were flowing from them yet it wasn't. After at least five or six of these new sensations that were focused only on my balls came to a climax they settled down into a calm and blissful rest.

I've read of a testicular orgasm but, never experienced one until now. It still amazes me how this journey continues to make new turns and each is fresh.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/testicular-orgasm/