1. block out 2 hours of time any time you use your Progasm. use tons of lube and get it in there and feeling like it’s properly situated/comfortable. start trying to contract your sphincter/kegel muscles while it’s in. think about it some more. stop thinking about it and let it sit there. now think about it again, and start using your kegels again. do this over and over again. now try to half contract your kegels, and see if it can naturally fluctuate or move by itself or twitch. If you can get it to move/twitch by itself, you are on the road to the hands free O. I don’t know how long it will take, and I don’t know if the aneros will be the tool to bring you there (it wasn’t for me), but that’s what eventually got me there. I got there using the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei, but couldn’t have done so without the Progasm.

  2. I didn’t "get" the Progasm at first. Began to wonder if I’d wasted the money. My Helix Syn was doing wonderful things, but the Progasm felt a little "dead". But I practiced varying my techniques, and after a week or so I had my first ever multiple-orgasm Aneros session with it! Now I can do it with the Helix too, but the Progasm was the first one to give me a breakthrough. /u/onlypostssexyheels had very good advice. I’d only add that I like to lay on my stomach when I’m using the Prograsm. Let its weight and pressure do the work quietly for a while, then do the kegels.

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