Is the Eupho Syn just too subtle for beginners?

I recently decided to jump into the Aneros train, and was able to find the Helix Syn on Amazon for about $50. However, when I recieved the package, it turned out there was a mix-up by the seller and I recieved a Eupho Syn instead of the Helix Syn I ordered. I had read that the Eupho line was more for advanced users but decided against attempting to replace it, thinking it would be close enough.

After some lube troubles (damn you, glycerin), I've been trying it out over the past week, and while I originally felt the peeing sensation that is said to come when the prostate is stimulated, it has faded away recently and I honestly don't think I feel much stimulating occuring on the inside. I can feel the p-tab and very rarely some pressure within, but neither are necissarily pleasureable and I end up masturbating normally with it in, where I can begin to feel it slightly more intensely, but nothing notably pleasurable.

Am I still in the "rewiring" stage and need to just stick through it or should I look into getting another model? I never expected instant results but I keep reading about how subtle the Eupho is compared to others, and I can't help but feel I might get a little more out of a more beginner-friendly model.

Also, as an aside, has anyone had experience with Astroglide's "ultra-gentle gel" lube? It was the only lube at the local Walgreen's that didn't have glycerin, but I'm not sure if that's another issue, as it seems to dry out fairly quickly. The Eupho is designed to "dance" and maybe the lube is causing my issues as it seems to dry out fairly easily.



  1. Get to a sex shop and buy some silicone lube. You will be amazed – the department store lubes are a joke compared to silicone. Just don’t use much or you are in for a slip and slide! *Anything* you put silicone on will still be slippery the next morning.

  2. So I’ve heard. Do you think the lube is a big contribution to my issue? I felt like it was slightly better with the ID Glide I got with it, but I’m apparently not meant to put it up my bum. I guess in either case I’d need some new lube if it makes that big of a difference though. Any recommendations?

  3. I would not recommend using any ol silicone lube with any of the Aneros Syn products. I have used silicone lube with no reservations with my regular plastic Aneros Helix and Progasm Ice, but generally silicone lube shouldn’t be used with silicone toys. Only after careful spot testing should you proceed- as the silicone of the toy can become permanently gummy. I personally am using unrefined shea butter these days. i have also had good luck with pjur "Nude" natural lube. I also have glycerin sensitivity.

  4. Whoops forgot the Syn were silicone coated. Yep only use silicone on the plastic models, it will eat silicone toys… my apologies. Still buy a better water based lube from a proper shop – they are quite a bit better. I tried my plastic model with KY because I had some around, but it worked way better with silicone so I would say slipperier is better

  5. You can also try some natural lubrications like Shea butter or coconut oil. I prefer it over industrial products with a whole lot of additives… and oil based lubes will last longer. Also try not to masturbate the ‘traditional’ way with your Aneros inserted, in my experience it slows down your rewiring process. And don’t underestimate nipple Stimulation … Really made a difference to me …. Have fun 🙂

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