Tried the MGX, am I missing something? Need advice!

I thought about getting the Syn, but heard that for beginners the MGX was the way to go so I picked one up.

Firstly it's difficult to insert and I think it might be because of the lubrication I'm using. What kind of lubrication is best? I've been using ID Glide Natural Feel and I'm not sure it's for me. It seems to dry out quickly and I have to keep reapplying.

Second, how far should it be inserted? It seems uncomfortable going in and a bit of a pain to pull out (again because of maybe the lubrication). There's the little tab on the opposite side of the handle (for perineum massage?), is that supposed to be pressing against something externally? Am I supposed to angle it differently?

When it's inserted to the best of my knowledge, I flex my sphincter muscles but at most all I've felt is the urge to go. Is the feeling as it's massaging your prostate supposed to feel differently than that or will that feeling increase into something different?



  1. If it’s uncomfortable going in, you probably need to lubricate it better and be more gentle on insertion; pulling it out is always a bit tricky, but if you use your pooping muscles, that usually makes extraction pretty painless, even if it sets you up for occasionally dropping shit on the floor. Also, silicone or oil-based lubes are probably going to last better than water-based (I have no idea what ID Glide is). The MGX should be inserted all the way so that the P-tab (that’s the tab opposite the handle) rests on you perineum, between your legs. It should naturally suck right into place for you. The P-tab, however, did hurt me for a number of sessions until I got used to it – I actually hand sewed some thick material I scavenged from a worn out sock onto the P-tab to make it more comfortable at first. Lastly, the urge to urinate means you are hitting your prostate. Since you are still getting used to having something up your butt, you probably aren’t able to really process the pleasure coming out of there, but you will begin to feel that soon enough, and the urge to pee will diminish as you learn to feel the pleasure from your prostate.

  2. Wow, that far, huh? Do you have a type of lubricant in particular that’s good? If that p-tab is supposed to be pressing I’ve got quite a way yet to go. And as for position, I follow the directions laying on my side, lower leg straight and upper leg up with knee to my chest. Is that the best way? How many times would you guess a beginner has to do it before he starts to feel something different?

  3. Yes, that far. If you are properly lubricated, your ass will suck the thing right into position once it’s been inserted about 2/3 of the way in. I’m still experimenting with lubes, so I think others will probably have better advice. As for your position, that doesn’t sound quite right. I’ve been most successful with my lower leg bent about 30°, and the upper one at least 60°. I’m carrying some extra weight, so it could be a bit different for me, but having the lower leg straight seems like it will make it more difficult. For me, I started feeling things my very first session, but I have a small amount of experience with anal toys, so I could very well have been prepped a bit. If you don’t have any experience, then it’s really all about just getting used to the feeling of something being up your butt. Once you’ve gotten past that (and the initial P-tab discomfort) you should be able to start feeling things when you relax.

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