Am I on the right track?

Hello everyone,

Back in September I bought the Helix Syn as my first toy. Ever since I've gotten it, during good sessions I get a feeling of my body sort of "building up" to something, but not sure what. It seems as though this is a build up to the super-O? However just as it gets good, the feeling just…disappears. As if it didn't happen. The build ups make me feel like I'm ready to explode.

It feels good and everything when that happens, and I love using the toy even when I'm not actively trying for the super-O because I LOVE the way it feels on my prostate (indescribable feeling, warm, tingly as it rocks back and forth, but I'm sure you veterans know all about it). However, it's kind of disappointing because for such a big build up that makes me moan involuntarily nothing really happens.

I don't use the toy super often, usually just when I get that "itch" that needs to be scratched maybe once a week. I have had a dry, hands-free traditional orgasm from it, and that time it felt as though my ass wouldn't let go of the toy. Once in a while I'll feel my eyes rolling back as that build up I describe happens, or a feeling of vertigo. I've also tried using a Vice, to see if the vibration keeping stimulation while I'm built up would do anything, but I've had very little success in even getting too built up by that toy.

I guess what I'm asking is, am I on the right track? Is this normal? What should I try/where do I go from here?



  1. You are on the right track it sounds like. It can be extremely frustrating to go through all that build up and not get the desired end result, but the real trick is learning to be able to stay in your "groove" once that building up starts. Whether you’re going for the very relaxed "calm seas" method of achieving super O, or doing a more active contraction-based method, the real trick is keeping your pace. That is to say, if you’re going for the relaxation method, you have to keep your voluntary muscle contractions at a minimum. It can be very difficult, because your muscles will tire and begin to twitch and it becomes harder to keep from reactively flexing your relaxing your muscles yourself, but the real trick is letting your body do all the work involuntarily. If you’re doing contractions, the hardest thing to do is to get that process of masturbation out of your mind. That is, that as you build up, faster and harder and more intense is the way to get to the orgasm. That’s actually very counter-productive. You need to find a rhythm for the contractions, and an ideal strength for them as well and then stick to it. Keep that pace and intensity even through the build up, and you will find much better results. I hope that info is helpful to you. If it’s not, feel free to post back here or PM me. I’m always happy to help.

  2. Your info was very helpful! Tonight, I tried again following your suggestions with controlled breathing and contractions going with it. After I started building up for around 30-45 minutes my muscles started to freeze up in a tensed state and pull themselves together (I wasn’t in control at this point), and after a moment or so I started shaking and shuddering, and afterwards I felt warm and tingly all over my body, until it came back around and happened again. All in all, maybe four or five times? I think these were orgasms, but they were nothing like I expected them to be (I imagined a different kind of release similar to my penis). As time goes on with more practice I imagine they only get better.

  3. They may have been small orgasms. They are very different from what we as men expect an orgasm to feel like, but can be much more intense. Once the real super o hits you, you’ll know it. But, you are definitely getting close. The symptoms (for lack of a better word) sound right. Just keep at it.

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