I achieved MMO after two weeks. Posting my methodology in case it works for someone.

There is a lot of advice out there on achieving Multiple Male Orgasms that works to varying degrees for different people. I have heard that it takes some people months or years to achieve MMO, so I figured I would post my experience and see if it is of any help.

When I first got my Progasm, I was beating up my prostate with it because I had the misconception many people seem to have that a prostate orgasm works the same way a regular one does. It took me a bunch of failed attempts to get the message that no, I was not guaranteed an O just because I started messing around down there. The worst part about it was that it really feels like you are making progress when you are doing that, and if you keep working it as hard as you can, that "hurts so good" feeling will turn into super O's. They never do.

A lot of people here seem to have achieved results from thinking sexy thoughts and being vocal during the process, but that kind of stuff just wasn't really working for me. I only began to achieve results when I started thinking of the Aneros as what it is advertised as – a massager. I relax with my eyes closed, getting in the rhythm of maneuvering the Aneros around with the same strength and frequency as if it is a lollipop. The key to this is to get a nice instinctual rhythm going. For about 20 minutes I just let my mind wander, sort of tethering my thoughts to the waves of feeling coming from the Aneros, but otherwise just thinking about whatever came to mind, which usually was not even related to sex. Compared to my earlier approach of constantly worrying if I was "turned on" enough to get an O, this way was much more satisfying and relaxing. Also, dont worry if you aren't erect most of the time, it doesn't mean you arent making progress. I usually only get hard about 30 seconds before an O.

If you do feel an O coming on it is important to not get excited and start mixing things up too much too quickly. Getting to super Os is like starting a campfire with two sticks. You need to rub at a steady rhythm for a long time, without changing things up when you see the smoke.

If any of you have any questions I would be happy to answer.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/2ukcum/i_achieved_mmo_after_two_weeks_posting_my/


  1. Congratulations on making it to the super O and MMO, whether or not it was a recent development for you! That said, there is some damn good information here. I hope it helps people out.

  2. Exactly right. You can get some great sensations from banging away at it, but that’ll never give you the full potential. I know great things are going to happen when I get an expanding "wow" field that starts in the prostate area but grows to encompass my lower back, and finally begins to feel like it’s an energy field even outside of my body. Hard to explain but you’ll know when it happens. It doesn’t happen without relaxing first. Also, if things start happening too fast, don’t be afraid to let it go, and relax again. It *will* come back, and stronger.

  3. > I relax with my eyes closed, getting in the rhythm of maneuvering the Aneros around with the same strength and frequency as if it is a lollipop. Could you possibly be more… descriptive? I understand that you think this is nicely evocative, but I have absolutely no idea what the hell you could possibly mean by "as if it is a lollipop".

  4. Sure. Default is usually around 15 repetitions a minute, but it can vary from 10 to 30 depending on how it is going. I don’t think going very far over that for anything other than a short burst would be able to produce results for me because for me the key to reaching the super O is relaxation of both mind and body, and it would overstrain both my muscles and my focus. I know when I was trying to reach Super O I read stuff like that and thought it was bullshit mumbo jumbo and I was frustrated with people for not being able to use language as descriptive as I wanted, but now that I have experienced success, I realize how hard it is to explain to people who have only had orgasms through purely physical means exactly what they need to change in their process to get results. A lot of guides I read talked about how important it is to focus on "tuning into" the feelings from your prostate, but I think that is the second major place people go wrong with when trying to reach the super O. Getting in tune with your prostate isnt just about focusing on the physical feeling of the toy, but people who have never experienced a super O read that as "You are not focusing enough on the physical feelings". Using an Aneros stimulates the release of endorphins into your brain which relax your mind, which creates an environment where you can be more sensitive to the nerves of your prostate, which causes it to release more endorphins, in a cycle that will hopefully culminate in Super O’s. But it wont work if someone sabotages it by trying too hard to focus on whatever aspect of the process you think you aren’t doing "right". You seem focused on the physical and mechanical aspects of the process – How long for each stroke, how hard, how much horizontal motion to include in each stroke, what Tempo to settle into, how much variation to include. Some of these things are possible to mess up, but in my experience, what is even easier to mess up is thinking about these sorts of things too much. With a traditional orgasm, you need to build up to it mentally and physically, hyping yourself up and focusing on sexy feelings and thoughts. With a prostate orgasm, you need to sink into it, letting your mind fall into the sort of comfortable daze the body is in after hitting the snooze alarm, feeling the pleasure from the Aneros as constant relaxing background noise that slowly builds in volume over time. The problem with explaining how to reach Super O is that a person needs to be in an abnormal state of mind to be capable of achieving them in the first place. It is like attempting to explain how to go to sleep to someone. You can explain how hard to close your eyes, how to orient yourself on the bed, and how to breathe, and all of these things will help, but if the person is stressed or thinking about too much, they will have difficulty even if they do everything right.

  5. > You seem focused on the physical and mechanical aspects of the process – How long for each stroke, how hard, how much horizontal motion to include in each stroke, what Tempo to settle into, how much variation to include. Some of these things are possible to mess up, but in my experience, what is even easier to mess up is thinking about these sorts of things too much. To be honest, I’m focusing on those things so that I can get to a point where I *don’t* have to think about them. I was finding a lot of success early on – I managed to even get a couple of involuntary contractions on about my third session, but I’ve been stuck in the same place for a good couple months now. I’m pretty consistently leaking, and having a lot of good feelings coming out of there, so it’s not like I’m thinking of throwing in the towel, but I can’t get the thing to really move for me like it did that one time, so I know there’s better out there, but my current habits aren’t getting me there. So hearing things like you’re going at 10-30 contractions per minute helps me to gauge where my current process might be insufficient, because I would say that I’ve been getting in probably only 4-6 per minute max. I’ve been afraid to go faster because I’m trying *not* to make this like I would approach a traditional orgasm. But if that kind of speed is actually what I should be going for, that’s going to give me a new avenue to explore. But the goal is to incorporate that, and make it the new habit, so that I don’t have to think about it.

  6. I can attest to what you’ve said, op. I’ve been using an Aneros for the better part of ten years now, starting with an MGX, then a Progasm for the last 6 years or so. When I used these toys, it felt great, even reaching what I thought were involutary contractions by clenching and rocking around and generally being pretty rough. Even so, I wasn’t sure if I had really experienced the mysterious and elusive super, I mean what I felt was good, but was it really THAT good? I wasn’t speaking in tounges or losing control of my body or anything. So, finally the p-tab on my Progasm started to wear into a nice pinchy little crack, and it was time for a replacement. I decided to go with the Helix Syn, to see if maybe to Progasm was just too big to be comfortable. I got some time to play around with it the other day after getting nice and cleaned up. I had resolved that I should at least try some of the methods found here and on the aneros site. I put on some porn and relaxed as much as possible, breathing in and out slowly and deeply. I didn’t really even try to control the muscles so much as visualized them doing what they should, in and forward breathing in, down and some undetermined motion (feels like the ridges on the massager slowly bumping down the prostate) on the breath out. After doing this for some time I took a minute and tried using my fingers to feel around and found that getting around the wall of my inner sphincter was kinda tricky. When I put the Helix back in I made sure to pull back towards my tailbone and then sort of rotate forward before pushing all the way in. This time, after a few minutes of deep breathing, I felt things start to swell down there, and for the first time my dick started to get hard from the stimulation without me touching it. When I got to the peak of that breath, I got a huge wave, and trying to maintain my focus, rode the breath out. At that point it was like my entire abdominal and pelvic region felt like was melting together (in the best way), and I felt the muscles around my prostate start to auto-spasm, causing the Helix to literally tap my prostate with a pretty quick rhythm without my having to control it. I was building to something completely different and FAR more powerful than I ever had before. Here’s where I fucked up, I was so excited and enthralled with what was going on I completely forgot about breathing and muscle control, and ended up clenching and chasing it away. I was a little bummed but still, I am so excited to try again, because now I KNOW. I know that there is something far greater than I have ever felt using a prostate stim, and after 10 years, I have finally had a taste and I can’t wait to go back for more.

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