Having troubles with Helix Syn stopping moving when prostate is excited

Hi guys,

I am pretty new and got myself a Helix Syn about a month ago. I was getting some results with standing position with my hands on the sink and had a prostate orgasm and really strong contractions going with very pleasurable waves washing over me.

But during last 3 sessions when I get excited and expect the contractions to really start going, either my sphincter muscles start clenching or my prostate enlarges and Helix stops moving around. I can forcefully relax my sphincter, but still I need to make an effort to move the massager around, as it stops doing so by itself. 🙁

Did anyone encounter similar difficulties? I apply quite a bit of lube and it sort of slides freely back and forth at the beginning, but still gets stuck when I really get it going.

I tried both massaging the Aneros over my prostate with slow movements and simply standing relaxed and waiting for the contractions to start by themselves, but both times the result was that there's suddenly a lot less space inside the sphincter and it just isn't massaging prostate anymore.

Would you guys recommend to keep working on my muscle control or change my position instead? I was unable to get anything going past some tingling or pleasurable pressure when lying in bed (tried doggy and lying on my back, where it felt like Aneros wasn't touching prostate at all and nothing happened for 15 minutes or so, and tried lying on the side, where I could easily feel Aneros touching my prostate and the pleasurable feeling was building up slowly, but Aneros simply wasn't moving and I couldn't translate beyond occasional involuntary muscle clenching).

Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/2w97cl/having_troubles_with_helix_syn_stopping_moving/


  1. Hey I just want to say that I think I’m experiencing the same problem. First I thought the lube dried out after some time, but now I think its actually my swollen prostate that prevents movements.

  2. Ok looks like I figured it out. The key was to adopt a more relaxed pose, which was sort of obvious from the start, huh? Well not quite. My initial problem was that I wasn’t getting any stimulation in more relaxed poses, but it turns out that they simply need quite a bit more time to get going. If someone else has same troubles as I did, I suggest to switch pose and look at this as if you’re starting anew, and keep going at it even if nothing happens during first half an hour of relaxation.

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