My progasm broke. What’s next?

Hey guys,

The other day my progasm broke when I dropped it on the floor by accident. It's definitely unusable because I think I would be bleeding a whole lot if I used it.

Anyways, this was my first prostate toy. I was able to get some leakage however I never felt a real P-wave. it feels great and I have very strong orgasms because of it. But, I want to try a different toy. Any suggestions?



  1. Well as a proud new owner of the Lelo Billy, with the Progasm being my first p-spot toy, like yourself, I HIGHLY recommend getting the Lelo Billy. I tried it earlier today and while I didn’t have the "super-O" I still felt a great deal of pleasure with its vibration function. Now that you have experience with the Progasm, the Lelo will slide in easily with a bit of lube. I masturbated with the Lelo Billy and when I came, I came A LOT. The orgasm was intense too. The only cons I can think of for the Lelo Billy are the button placement of the device. It’s easy to get lube and ass-juice on it. A remote would have been more preferable. The second is the silicone condom on it. It’s a great material, but unfortunately no amount of anti-bacterial soap will get the smell of your asshole off of it. I’m sure there’s special scents you buy for this type of toy, but I’ve yet someone to tell me of one. And lastly, being that it’s a rechargeable unit with a control panel on it, you can’t fully wash the entire toy from head to toe because it will probably render it useless if you get water in the electrical parts. Otherwise, the shape, length and girth work perfectly for me. Easy insertion and out. Feels comfortable and the 6 vibration levels, plus the 4 modes are a huge plus. This is a surefire faster way to get to that super-o without needing to practice with any other Aneros product. I still have my Progasm, and I’m gonna practice with it, but for now, the Lelo Billy is extremely satisfying to me. Plus, you get one year warranty with it and the packaging feels really awesome. You get a pouch for it too and some lube. Oh and make sure it’s a water-based lube only! Have fun!

  2. I’m considering that one. I was wondering if getting one of the beginner ones would make sense since I haven’t had a super o just yet.

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