New user here and wondering if you guys can help me

Been using my Aneros since Feb, and so far I've had no luck. Not ready to give up yet but at the very least I want to know if I'm making progress… weird as that sound.

I've read the wiki (seriously there's a wiki for anything huh) more times than I could remember, but… theory and practice is pretty different IMO haha.

I've a lot of questions and no idea where to begin so I'll just write those at the top of my head now.

  • Involuntary contraction: I suppose this is the thing that gets the whole motion going, but I haven't been able to do so consistently (if at all). I've tried contracting the external rectal muscle, the PC muscle (the muscle that you use to stop your pee haha), and still nothing. Do I have to contract it consistently, or do it occasionally, sorta like 'teasing' the internal muscle to contract involuntarily? The wiki said to go with small movement, but I can't even feel if I'm doing anything at all. How do I know when the involuntary contraction starts? I've read comments that the toy should be moving in and out on its own?

(NOTE: My knowledge of biology is abysmal at best and the terms I'm using is based on what I read so far so pardon my incorrect usage)

  • I find that when I get to a relaxed state, I tend to drift off and start falling asleep soon after (I have my sessions at around midnight). Do you guys do anything else, or just… IDK, focus on the toy? I tried watching some… ah, 'stimulants', but that kinda distracted me (I initially thought the involuntary contraction comes from the 'spasm' that my penis makes when it's aroused… guess not)

  • Lube: How much should I be using? I'm using KY jelly atm (it's soooo hard to find where I am geez), and I go with the mantra of "too much is never enough" but it gets kinda messy. At the same time, I don't want the toy to become dry mid-session, since I'm kinda icky about touching the toy again after I inserted it. Speaking of which,

  • Pulling it out: Is there a method that can lessen the pain when pulling the toy out? It gets pretty painful when I pull it out (though it's never long lasting). Also, I tend to have fecal matter residue after ending the session. Is that normal? (I clear my bowel at least an hour before starting)

I guess that's it for now. Thanks in advance for the tips!

Planning to go at it again tonight… But prolly will get frustrated and jack off normally as usual 🙁



  1. I doubt I can help you much with the contraction part, because I don’t think I can explain it with words. The best I can do is say to make your dick harder, if you can. When I do that, my butt tightens, and that’s what works for me. I found that KY would dry out way too quickly, so I didn’t like it. I use another water based lube called Sliquid. You can order it online. It’s way better. I also use a syringe (no needle) like [this one]( to add the lube straight into me before hand. After that, I don’t even need to lube the toys. It’s really good. Lastly, if you’re having pain when pulling out, then you need to relax more. You’re probably tightening. You can also try squatting, that’ll make it easier to come out. If there’s poop, maybe you’re not emptying very well before hand. But sometimes there’s a bit of poop, and just understand that that’s how it is.

  2. About how frequent have your sessions been since you started? From what I’ve gathered from ingesting every modicum of information on the aneros line, theories of usage thereafter, and now almost a year of experience with it, the journey is different for all of us. I tried some of the techniques posted in the wiki and some suggested in the official aneros forums but none of them really worked for me so I had to find my own way. It took me a while to find out that what I needed to do was to try to keep my anus relaxed at all costs and instead move the aneros with my rectal muscles while focusing on the intense pleasure coming from my anus/rectum. Only when the pleasure would overtake my ability to relax and make my anus contract haphazardly did I get intense involuntaries. Once you’re rewired and experienced, you will learn fine muscle control. That’s when things got really interesting for me. Try some of the techniques in the advanced section of the wiki/aneros forum and if they work for you, then great, but if they don’t then only experience will tell you what works for you and what doesn’t. I use a lot of lube. Bounced around all the brands and settled on Swiss Navy water based lubricant. Once again, you need to find which one works for you. I watch porn almost every session. Don’t forget to keep your hands moving and caress different parts of your body as it will GREATLY intensify the pleasure provided by the toy. Frustration is a very normal reaction if you don’t "get" it at first. It’s a learning process. Some people can drop it in and have instant super o’s on the first try but most of us need to learn to make it work with our bodies. I was very frustrated when after 2 months, I could still barely feel anything. I stuck with it though and all frustration was gone once I was rewired. After that it’s quite amazing. Just remember to keep your penis out of this and focus on learning to feel pleasure from other sources.

  3. I suggest, this: First, forget about using the Aneros. It’s a tool that’ll make the whole experience better in the end, but some of your problems might be because you think that you need to "work" the tool to make it do something. Try, instead, on working your bottom muscles during regular masturbation. Search and start watching porn while doing contractions without the Aneros. Do this for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes–more each session before touching your penis, and then alternating the two. You need to get into the mindset that the prostate can give you pleasure and jacking off is the means to an end. I’ve found this to allow me to feel my prostate more and make it more sensitive while giving me experience for later sessions. Second, prep. Don’t masturbate a day before the session with the Aneros. Take a crap and do a few enemas to clear your bottom out. Sit on the toilet for a while to let yourself drain (leaking during a session is a instant-kill). Use a lube launcher or something to get lube up in you because most slips off the toy in insertion. Third, don’t move. Relaxation and being focused does help you a lot, but it can also lead to the whole process happening without you needing to try. After like 10 minutes of just sitting back, maybe reading something non-erotic, get out some erotic content and see where that goes. Don’t contract, just relax. You might feel pressure and get pleasure from just getting a erection. Then, try focusing on your bottom. Think about having a focus point in your ass where the toy is and just focus on that–again, no contractions. See where that leads. Try, then, just adding the slightest amount of pressure. No contractions. Just a tad, like 5% of your whole strength, amount of pressure to that area. With some practice you can control where the pressure is and how you can direct and move it. If you don’t feel anything, lightly–and I do mean LIGHTLY, as in barely moving whatsoever–start your contractions. In my experience, sometimes more, faster, and harder are what kills the session. Think of it as more of disturbing the natural order down there, than to pump and pump the toy in your ass. From there, go stronger with different movements and hunt out the source of pleasure that doesn’t desensitize you. When you do find something, keep at it with a steady pace until you go higher and higher and reach something great. If you fail to reach anything, finish yourself off and try again. It’s not going to be instant, and it’s best to try thinking of this as enjoying the ride than trying to get to the finish line.

  4. Been using it about… 3-4 times per week since I got it, about an hour each session. I’m not ready to give up yet, but knowing what I’m doing wrong certainly helps. Thanks for your advice!

  5. Hmm yeah I guess one mistake I did was treating the Aneros more like a dildo, in that I was constantly pounding the prostate (at least, I think I am) and the faster I go the better it’ll be (sorta like normal masturbation). Will take your advice into consideration. Thanks!!

  6. My penis is flaccid during most (if not all) of my sessions since I was focusing more on the anal contraction. Will take your advice into consideration for my next session. Thanks!!

  7. Yes, what I meant to say is "***try*** to make your dick harder". For me personally, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s completely flaccid. The state of my dick is irrelevant to the enjoyment or even the orgasms.

  8. Yeah, you’re not jacking off anymore. Gotta get off that mindset of forcing the orgasm; you’re trying to lure it out with the prostate, not pull it towards you.

  9. I grab the ring and pull it at an angle that makes it hit the prostate with more force and that almost gets me there… The problem is this tires me out and breaks my concentration. I think my prostate is located further in and my Helix Classic isn’t doing the job. Any suggestions?

  10. It’s called "hands free" for a reason. Get a dildo if you want to jackhammer your prostate–and that’s called milking it. A non-milking prostate orgasm can be reached better with the use of the Aneros. Go feel out for your prostate. Clean yourself and stick your finger up there to find it. Most people’s are around 2.5 inches in. I had the feeling that it’s deeper in before, but it wasn’t. Something about my mindset made me think that away. The prostate also moves around and down during play–it’s not stationary. The ring on the Aneros is made to help you pull and position it. The Aneros is specifically made so you don’t have to use your hands. Read the wiki, follow my guide. *Stop trying to force it*. *Stop trying to rush*. Take a good hour to prep, and 2-3 hours of play–the start portion should be relaxation and light stimulation, and at no time do I recommend moving the Aneros with your hand other than to adjust it at the start. All of this is part of the rewriting process. Stop trying to force the orgasm. Relax, enjoy the ride.

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