1. I tried an Aneros Helix Syn first, but never really had much luck. I’m not sure if I just don’t have the patience, or its a physiological thing, or what. I decided to try the Aneros Vice, and man….that thing is mind blowing! When I travel with it, I have to try to keep my moaning to a minimum, so I don’t disturb the folks in the other room…lol.

  2. I haven’t yet, but it feels like I could if I was patient……the type of thing where I barely touch myself before orgasming.

  3. Good to know! I’ve been specifically looking at some of the rocks off models myself.

  4. The vibrator is great but if you are starting out with prostate play it will overwhelm the subtle sensations necessary for the super o. But it can be a great way to awaken the sensations when you start. However it is also very big! So if anal is new, might want to start small.

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