New guy here, any tips?

I've never done any anal or prostate play, other than an occasional finger when I was discovering my body years ago. I got the helix on the suggestion of a friend who said it worked wonders for him. I've got good tone in the muscles down there, I wa into yoga for years and kegels have an esoteric use and I learned how to use those muscles well.

I've read some explanations of how to use it, and that I'm supposed to relax and let the muscles do their thing. Any tips for a beginner?

I'm not on a quest for the super o right off the bat, I'm more just interested to feel new sensations. Should I try it with an erection? Should I stick to being flaccid when I use it? How much time realistically should I set aside for a session? I usually read erotic stories when I masturbate, which isn't very often. Would that help me relax and make things go smoother?

Edit: more questions. Is there a different methology to getting dry orgasms? Is it okay to have a regular one while working with the prostate massager, or does that kind of mess up the rewiring process? How exactly does the milking thing work?



  1. Read the wiki and beginner’s post. Don’t expect anything, just enjoy the journey.

  2. After you put it in it will take about 10min for your muscles to get used to it. At that point try to make use of the muscles required to kinda suck up your stomach. Alternately trying to kinda push out some (but not too hard). I recommend trying to use some weed if it’s available where you are as that REALLY seems to exentuate the sensations. About an hour is as long as I usually require for this but some people go for much longer.

  3. Just got my Aneros MGX in yesterday. Had a some alone tonight and followed the instructions on their web site, had a small orgasim in about 15 minutes. It’s AWSOME! Looking forward to more now!

  4. As another have said, read the wiki. Basic info there. What I suggest: Clean yourself up, insert–do everything to prepare yourself as the wiki says–lay back and read your erotica. For like an hour. Just see what happens from doing nothing–something might. If you don’t feel anything, start some light contractions and play around. Try to find that sweet spot where you can. In the early stuff, I suggest you don’t focus on hands-free/dry orgasms. Try starting your sessions with the aneros or other prostate play and try extending that play session without touching your penis for a duration of time. I’ve found this to steadily remove that need to touch my penis. I used to always want to jack myself off at a certain point, but the more I play and start with the prostate the less and less I feel compelled to bring about the penile orgasm–now I just use it to bring an end to that session.

  5. Thanks, I appreciate the info! I’ve read all the material, and I was just wondering what worked for other guys. I’ll definitely give it a try this weekend when I have some time to myself.

  6. Wow! It worked quickly for you, huh? I’m hoping I can just get a feel for something in there at all…

  7. About an hour… I have pretty good kegel control, so that shouldn’t really be an issue. Once it’s in, should I keep the same position with knees raised to my chest? I can’t smoke – drug testing and all – but I’ll keep that in mind for the future if the opportunity ever arises.

  8. Thanks! I read through most of the material, but I was hoping for some insight into others’ experiences and for some pointed answers, I guess.

  9. Also, should I keep the same position (knees up to my chest) after it’s in and I’m all relaxed? Or can I change position?

  10. I would suggest you lay on your bed with several pillows under your legs keeping your knees at an angle but relaxed.

  11. I wouldn’t put my knees to my chest as I haven’t find that partition good or comfortable for long periods. But if that works for you… I suggest on your back or reclined with your legs bent.

  12. I get it. I played with mine off and on for a couple of years and never had a lot of success. I ended up turning mine into an estim electrode. It works great in that application.

  13. I would LOVE to share some of my experiences and stories with you. Just send me a PM.

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