My Two Orgasmic Worlds Join

When I first started this journey, I stumbled into MMO totally by accident. It was a fortuitous and unexpected discovery made by reading the forums here in Aneros. Back then there was no chat. MMO brought together the tantric sex that I had been studying and enjoying with J and it even incorporated some of the Zen Meditation that I had been )and still am( practicing.

It is logical that MMO for me grew out of these cornerstones as MMO is a very solitary inwardly focused activity. Fucking J is very outwardly focused; it is an activity where we lock together, my cock deep in her pussy seeking extremely pleasurable sensation in the warm caress of her erotic feminine flesh. The focus for me is using my cock to bring her pleasure. The visceral desperate pleasure that we seek and achieve in fucking is like scratching a deep erotic itch, culminating in the anxiously sought relief of shared orgasm.

On the other hand when J and I make love it is a simultaneous locking of our bodies and our minds. As we look into each other’s eyes we are experiencing each other’s ecstasy. Her eyes and her face reveal to me the tortuously exquisite rapture that is boring into her pussy and squeezing her soul. I can see in her pleasure contorted expression the reality of my cock touching her erotic core coaxing her to experience deep erotic euphoria.

When we make love I am exponentially more aware of the sexual sensation I am feeling in her; I can viscerally sense the heat and the clinging wetness of her cunt sucking on my aching cock, imploring it to yield its creamy cocktail. As my cock probes and massages the secret spots deep in her pussy I coerce her to climax; her pussy convulsing makes my iron cock explode as it regurgitates ropes of my sexy cocktail to assuage the hunger in the pit of her cunt. The steamy stream of my cum coating the warmth of her passion makes her body convulse and her eyes tell me of the exquisite sensation of divine ecstasy of the hot erotic steam deep in her pelvis.

Both fucking and making love are a shared activity between us. MMO on the other hand is a very inward activity for me. Each wave of MMO orgasm that expands and swells in me pulls me further and further away from external reality and the real world. Like crashing waves at the beach, the crashing wave holds me in its foam after it has crested and pulls me out to sea as it retreats; out off shore I await the next wave. Each successive wave drags me farther and farther out. Caught in its sensual undertow on the beach of my consciousness the foaming pleasure pulls me away from my body into a rolling sea of blissful rapture. The waves of pleasure pound on me relentlessly numbing my brain and filling my pelvis with glowing euphoria; my nipples harden and tingle and the steam of my own hissing dry climaxes fill my ears. My anus, prostate and cock are in an erotic tug of war pulling on each other and causing ripples of exquisite orgasmic pumping to reverberate in my pelvis, perineum and anus. The resulting chiming echoes of pleasure ring in my anus and cock like a bell chorus.

My world of fucking and MMO existed in different planes of my sexuality until I learned to join them. I brought them together when J first asked if she could suck my cock as I MMOed. This was after several paired MMO sessions. We tried it; the resulting erotic experience was mind altering. I found myself gasping not to expand the pleasure but to cope with the tortuous ecstasy that resulted from her warm tongue embracing the underside of my cockhead as my anus and prostate fluttered and pulsed in deep pleasure; the bliss was crushing. Then a few weeks later we tried having her hold my cock in her pussy whilst I MMOed. I wasn’t sure that I could withhold ejaculation but I did. The sensation of my anus fluttering contracting in counterpoint to the convulsive pumping of my prostate while my cock luxuriated in the warm sucking caress of J’s pussy, was such an erotically hot mind body sensation it almost made my brain melt. We have done it several more times since then.

Slowly over the last years I have learned to rein in my outward focused sexual response shared with J and meld it with my inward focused MMO experience. True to form in this sexual journey I am on, the kaleidoscope of erotic pleasure continues to turn and reveal yet another lush sensual orgasm vision. This morning another multicolored awe inspiring experience was revealed to me.

Days when I work at home are days that I really relish. I get so much more done here than I do at the office. My open door policy in the office has made me successful at getting things done there but the writing aspect of my work suffers as a result. When I am home the quiet bright sunshine of the house inspires me.

That same sunshine was glowing in our bedroom window at 7 AM as I rolled over and settled in the warm sleepy sensuality of our bed. The languid relaxed comfort of half sleep had infiltrated my body and had control of my mind. I love early morning in our bedroom when the golden warmth of morning light warms the room and my mind. Inspired by the sensual glow of the sun I reached over to embrace J.

As I have mentioned in other posts she seems to have cast a spell over me. The vibe that she has been giving off has captivated me, it has been more than the normal affection that we share. There is a desperate need in it, a need for physical contact and intimacy that I can’t help but respond to. When we are together in close proximity it permeates me and I can’t resist it. I need to hold her, be with her and be inside her.

As I embrace her I bend my left leg and put it over her hip as I hold her around her back. She nestles her face under my chin and sighs as she dozes in my arms. I feel the sensual warmth of her body on my skin, it wraps around me. My heartbeat slows in sublime submission to her blissful feminine sensuality. I hold her back and begin to stroke the back of her head. A mystical peace settles over me as I caress her and wallow in her erotic heat. My semi erect cock hangs in readiness mid air between us, not touching anything.
The above experience is typical when we are feeling close and sleep calls us. Often times however the above scenario set the stage for mutual arousal and will unfold into kissing and shared pleasure. A few days ago that was the case.

My mental and physical state were being aroused by her warm presence. In response to my relaxed arousal my cock stiffened and I became acutely aware the scent of her hair, her natural perfume and her arousal. There is a tangy muskiness to her pussy that rises to my nostrils when we are close and she is turned on; it was like a red cape waving in a bulls face, it enraged my arousal to make my cock ache in its turgid readiness. As I laid there in relaxed agitation holding the woman I love I suddenly became aware of a tingling in my anus. It was the sublime tantalizing flames of arousal lapping at my asshole. I breathed slowly and deeply giving permission for the arousal to enter me and ignite me.

With the granting of that permission I felt my anus opening up as if delicate feminine fingers were holding it open to allow the fiery pleasure access to my anal canal. Once free access was granted pleasure rushed into my open asshole in a torrent; as it flooded my anus my cock turned to steel. I was keenly aware of J’s soft sensual body in my arms. Clinging to her like she was a life preserver I gave myself over to the rapture that was filling me up. As the pleasure took purchase in my anus pulsing waves of orgasmic euphoria echoed in my anal tract.

As I held J to maintain my link with reality her sexy aura saturated my body and began to push me away urging me to abandon reality in favor of the sublime euphoria of sexual bliss that was tugging on me. Her sexuality blew up my anus and wrapped itself around my cock inflaming the pulsing ecstasy that growing in my anus and tugging on my cock. Orgasmic spasms redoubled their intensity and packed my anal canal with pleasure until I couldn’t bear it anymore, but I did; it was excruciating and divine at the same time. I struggled to breathe quietly in time to the very regular throbbing of the exquisite convulsions that were twisting my anus.

As I breathed into the spasms they continued to push me higher and higher as I desperately clung to the shreds of reality that bound me to J and the bed I was sharing with her. The act of caressing J served to ground me but her feminine sexuality was the warm wind that insisted on blowing me into ecstatic oblivion.

As my cock root began to pulse the euphoria of erotic sensation tugged on my cock, making it dance and lurch. Joining forces with the spasms in my anus, my prostate lurched into action. Like a great pump under the floorboards in the basement of a mill it began to pump with a heavy shuddering thump. Each time it pumped it resonated throughout my body, shaking me in delirious rapture. I was losing touch with reality the rapture was winning.

The act of holding her as the machinery of agonizing euphoria pounded sweet ecstasy in my pelvis sent chills up my spine to numb my brain. Pleasure took form before my closed eyes. I could see breath taking feminine sensuality blending together with my own smoldering eroticism in my mind. I saw sensations take life; I saw erotically vulgar visions of J twisting sinuously in the arms feminine orgasm as erotic bliss opened her cunt to let in agonizing ecstasy.

For a full twenty minutes I was tempest tossed in the throes of exquisite erotic rapture as anguished orgasmic sensation pounded away at my asshole. I was a blazing inferno of pulsing roaring erotic sensation; the furnace that provided the heat was roaring deep in my anus. I had experienced anal pleasure in the last several years but never anything that even closely approached the sensation that has milking me and twisting me in the frenzy that I was experiencing.

And then just as fast as it ignited in me it was extinguished. I caressed my lovely J as the remnants of profound orgasmic joy fluttered down around me in the bed broken into a million invisible pieces.

It was over. But was it really over? If I have learned anything about this journey it’s that every step reveals some new erotic sensation or sensual experience. I don’t know what could top this but I bet there is something waiting for me down the road.