What’s Next?

Hey all,

I got into prostate play a while ago before deciding to get a helix. I've enjoyed it a lot, and I've since become much more experienced with anal play, adding a dildo to my repertoire.

Both feel nice, and I can feel them hitting my prostate. It's nice, but not as intense as I was looking for. I've kept at it for a while and I can effectively identify the correct feelings. However, I'm looking for more action.

Should I look into the progasm? Its bigger size interests me, as well as the supposed more effective pressure put on the prostate. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

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  1. I started with the Helix and enjoy it but I quickly moved on to the Progasm because I liked the fuller feeling. I’ve never really got very far with the hands free stuff, I use them more as an enhancement to traditional jerking off.

  2. Get the Vice. Just trusty me on this one. And if at all possible smoke/vape some weed if it’s available where you are, it REALLY makes the super O easy to achieve.

  3. The Progasm was my second toy and is the only one that has taken me to a super o on a few occasions. I also have the Eupho and Maximus but have not has as much luck with those yet. I’ve been at it for about 2 months and it continues to surprise me how amazing these little devices are!

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