Vibration – Session tips for newb

Hey all, I am pretty experienced with butt play and have used dildos for a long time. When I stumbled upon the aneros website I laughed when I read about the super – T as it is what got me interested in dildos in the first place. I found that if I hit the right spot and manipulate it just right I get really intense waves of pleasure. No orgasm though.

Of course in hear about the super-o and got really excited and purchased a vibrating model.

So, in my first few sessions I have gotten some really incredible feelings – I have tried the vibrations on max and min – but sadly no true orgasms. Part of the problem is I tend to start kind of grinding my hips against it, which it seems is counter productive from what I've read.

Sorry for the above just looking for feedback, now on to the question:

When using the vibrator do you leave it on? Is it better to begin without it as a newb? Can it desensitize?

How bad is the grinding?

Thanks in advance.



  1. Grinding isn’t bad but for the most part you just want to lay on your back, feet flat with your legs bent, and try to feel what’s going on down there. I’ve had many mini-os and a couple of supers but it takes some time to get used to. I usually need about 1-4 hours to really get into it, sometimes just leaving it in and going about my day normally (I work from home). Eventually my prostate will start talking to me and I ignore it as long as I can until I can’t anymore and that’s when I have the best results. I recently got a vice, my new favorite of all my aneros as it is the biggest and isn’t as hard as the other models. I usually leave it in for an hour or more before turning on the vibration, then things get really interesting. If you can get the involuntarilies going while vibrating I find I can’t even recognize the vibrating anymore and it just turns into an intense warm pleasure that spreads from my prostate through my whole body. I suggest some pot and a few hours a day a few times a week and you’ll get into it. I’m about 3 months into aneros play and I’m just getting the hang of it where I can almost have a mini-o without an aneros even in.

  2. I’m considering getting one. Do you think that it would be bad for a beginner or a good way to get into it? I don’t want to desensitize myself.

  3. Start with the Helix Syn, once you are starting to get somewhere with it you can start getting into other options like the Progasm and vice which are my two favorites!

  4. I had one good session with the syn but nothing since then. It’s been a little disappointing. I’ll keep trying.

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