1. | Water | Silicone | Oil :–|:–|:–|:– **pros** | Works fine with any toy and condoms. Easy to clean | Super slippery and "natural" feeling. Lasts a long time. | Super slippery and "natural" feeling. Lasts a long time. **cons** | Dries out quickly | Can’t be used with silicone toys. Messy. | Can’t be used with condoms. Messy. **I recommend** | Sliquid | Wet Platinum | Coconut Oil, any brand.

  2. Shea Butter, thick like Vaseline but healthier and melts well into slippery. Coconut oil. Really good, just don’t use too much (can never have too much for anal but don’t go overboard) else since it doesn’t dry out like water based you will have some weird santorum after the session. Best: Mix shea butter and coconut oil 1:1 and they will cause each other to liquify. It’s weird. They’re both solid at room temperature but if you pour both of them into a mixing jar and swish it around (not even a mixing stick) they liquify and mix into the perfect lube. If you go the shea butter + water based lube, after a session or if it dries out you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck because the shea butter is still there to allow removal. But you won’t have nasty lube farts because the water will get absorbed.

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