Not a newbie but having zero luck. Help please :(

So I had the progasm for 2 years and tried using it pretty often. Very rarely could I get it to hit my p spot no matter which position I tried. So I bought the progasm jr. Same thing. Then the vice. device. No luck. I've taken tape and wrapped it around the front tab on all the toys to increase the angle when under contraction and that increases their ability to hit my prostate but I don't think it's enough. Am I anatomically incorrect or something? 🙁



  1. Kinda know what you mean… The best way I feel it is sitting in my computer chair when it’s (Progasm) pushed right up into my prostate. I’ve read that it’s not how much pressure, but it’s total relaxation and letting it work on its own. I don’t know though. The best feeling I get is when I angle it into my prostate and keep hard pressure on it.

  2. Well, you’ve not said whether or not you have any anal experience other than Aneroa toys. From what you’ve listed, all you have purchased are larger models. First of all, I’d go with a smaller model. The aneros is not a dildo. From what I can discern by your purchases, you’re looking for aggressive and intense. If that’s the case, get a dildo because then the Aneros is not for you. The Aneros is very much based off of steady, rhythmic, subtle movements and your mindset. It’s a complex puzzle. I would direct you to start smaller, and look at the aneros wiki, since it’s a lot to type up on the go.

  3. I’m a straight guy but have lots of anal experience from toys to fiancées hands.. Lol

  4. I had to chop the K-tab off my Progasm (which is the same shape as all the others that you have) to get it at the right angle. With the Helix I’m just fine with it stock. That said, what have you done? You don’t just insert it and start vibrating with pleasure. It does take time and practice, and I can’t see someone practicing for two years and finally questioning what’s wrong. Do you clean yourself out, take a shower to relax, and do deep breathing exercises? Do you move the toy, or let it do its own thing?

  5. I’m on my way to super o atm, so I’m unsure if I’m in the right direction myself so am trying things. but I’ve had different sensations from the start from trying a few things. I switched to an oil based lube for starters and I think its better to forget how you see it being done in videos and how its described to work. I think some people get the idea from reading material and watching videos that the thing is meant to go in and out automatically and end up trying to use manual contractions to achieve this. for me the best thing to do was to basically try my hardest not to do this, even when I feel something. I feel fighting against it does more for me. I also try very hard to deaden my legs. at times I feel as though when I’m feeling something I tend to tense the muscles in my legs, I again try to fight against this and relax it as much as possible. find a comfortable position (my side for me), and relax as much as possible and do not force anything. I feel as though I’m on the verge of tipping over atm….very close.

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