The Glans Penis, Prostate, and Maximus

Hi guys,

In the 1990's or around year 2000, I had an insight into sensation in my male sexual apparatus. I had reflected on my sexual anatomy from my teens until my 40's or 50's when I got this flash of insight.

Most guys focus upon their cocks and balls from their teens. It comes from the initiation that they receive when they begin to masturbate and then have their first orgasms and ejaculations of semen. Adolescence is a period in a boy's life when they are obsessed with thoughts of sex. First boys masturbate because it feels so good. Most boys then turn their attention to girls and begin dating them. Many boys may even experiment sexually with girls. Likewise some boys may focus their attention upon other boys and may even experiment sexually with other boys. Sexual preference tends to be established for sure in their teens.

Wearing jockstraps and athletic cups for sports, even leisure, helped focused me upon my penis and testicles like nothing else. This focus enabled me several decades later to come up with the Theory of Axis of Sexual Pleasure. When I entered the decades indicated above, I had read a great deal about the role of the prostate in a man's life. A prostate in good health serves two functions: [1] Urinary, and [2] Sexual. I have always been intrigued in how beautiful my mushroom glans is. Over the years, I reveled in the various textures of sensation in the anatomy of my glans. So when I am masturbating, sensation arises in my glans travels down the length of my penile shaft and ends up my prostate, from which the sexual energy travels back to my glans. So an arc of sexual pleasure travels back and forth from my glans and prostate. This pleasure reaches the point of no return during which I achieve orgasm and ejaculation of semen! It is all beautiful!

This morning I had the following sequence of models used: Helix ClassicProgasm ClassicTempoMaximus.

Helix Classic performed admirably this morning. Immediately afterward I inserted Progasm Classic which produced amazing sensations of pleasure which I never experienced before!

Afterwards I used Tempo inserted while seated at my PC. This is my customary use of Tempo. Tempo primed me this morning for Maximus.

Maximus performs top flight most sessions. This morning was no exception. But this morning, I tried something new. I stimulated and manipulated my glans. Such stimulation caused Maximus to "ram" itself both against my anus and my prostate. Clearly I have discovered something amazingly new. Tomorrow I hope to try this technique on Progasm Classic. Take care!