I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end I couldn’t shoot.

So I got an aneros two days ago. Tried it today in the bath. Things went sorta ok. I enjoyed the sensation but the real breakthrough was about an hour later when I said "fuckit" and ignored the recommendation to not touch the aneros and just use contractions. I basically began moving it back and forth with the little curled handle, and that's when it got great. I started to get that feeling in my penis that you get either when you are right about to pee or right about to cum. However I could not get past that about to cum feeling and actually cum from the sensation. I tried speeding up the rhythm and I tried keeping it steady but nothing could get me over the edge. In the end I ended up giving up and just stroked my dick while moving the aneros and it was pretty great, but I still want to get a hands-free orgasm. Does anyone have any advice for my next attempt?

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  1. Just be patient and keep doing whatever feels good. It takes a while to figure it out, it’s unrealistic to expect an orgasm the first time.

  2. I’ve hit this level too! I can keep myself right at the edge of an orgasm for a LONG time with the Aneros and haven’t been able to get over the edge yet (hands-free, that is…lol…) Feels great though…

  3. Same here. I get to the cusp of what feels like an orgasm but it just hangs there and I haven’t been able to get that final push. That just-pre-orgasm feeling radiates throughout my body and I have uncontrollable tremors and bucking my hips but it gets a bit frustrating sometimes

  4. Yes, it definitely gets frustrating after a while because it totally gets to be like an itch you can’t scratch!

  5. Keep in mind that these are just interpretations, I don’t really have the knowledge required about anatomy or psychology to actually be sure of anything related to this, but this is my experience. I used to get these too without even touching the handle, I used to enter "cycles" in which I got erect and then flaccid, with a whole lot of precum in each cycle, and multiple times I thought I was going to ejaculate (You know how your sinuses clear up when you are about to orgasm? I even got that, multiple times) testicles moving up and everything. Not only did I never come this way (always had to finish myself jerking off) it happened less and less with time and I actually can’t remember the last time it did. I do get erections now and then, but nothing as strong as that, what I do feel instead is my prostate swelling and tingling, and to be honest I like this more. I can obviously still get erections if I want to, but I personally think this is part of the phase in which you have to realize that a prostate orgasm doesn’t work like a penile orgasm, you are relating the idea of orgasming with the idea of your dick getting hard and ejaculating and that’s not what this is about.

  6. Actually I didn’t get hard during the "i’m about to shoot" moments. Which was why initially I wasn’t sure if I just had to pee really bad or not.

  7. used it for a few months, still never got that super-o, have had the best o’s of my life though combining it with traditional methods after a build up. Were you leaking? It took me a month or two for that the even occur. You just gotta lay there and meditate, I usually have some porn on too. But anyway, like 4-6 moths in, and even I have not came hands-free. I have rode some damn pleasing waves, but never completely came. I have heard it can take years for some. Also, I never use mine without finishing after, otherwise would be on my mind all day.

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